Control PowerPoint Animations with the Animation Pane

Published: Jun 02, 2018

Gone are the days of inappropriate, over-the-top of animations. Today, PowerPoint offers a vast spectrum of animation effects that can give your presentation that genuine WOW factor!

Unleash the Animation Pane: an organized sidebar which lists all the animated elements on the side in a chronological, synchronized order. Better still, the timeline allows for changing any animated object?s timing, duration, order and how they get triggered. This comes in especially handy when you have a number of objects which need to be synchronized. 

Applying Animations

First things first, place the objects you want to animate on a slide. It could be a text, an audio file, visual content or a shape. Click on the first object you want to animate, go to the Animations tab and click on Add Animation.


Now there are 3 types of effects you could add: Entrance, Emphasis, and Exit. You could choose just one to a combination of all three. Say, for example, you want your company logo to swivel on the bottom of each slide. To do this, click on more entrance effects. From the list of options, say you choose swivel. 

Once you have added the effects, click on Animation Pane on the top ribbon.

An ordered list of all the elements with their effects will appear on the right sidebar. Right-click on each, to format the way they are triggered, increase/decrease their durations or delay their timing. To change the order of how the animations appear, simply drag and re-order.

As opposed to out of place animations, you could give your presentation an exceptionally professional look just by using the animation pane. Similarly, apply effects to other objects.