How to Add and Format Audio Files in PowerPoint Presentations

Published: Jun 02, 2018

Rewind a few years and adding audio content meant mixing the track on a third-party software, trimming it another, compressing and converting it another and so and so forth. Today, however, adding audio files, narrations, voice-overs, background scores, etc. is almost as convenient as adding bullet points. 
Adding Audio Files
1.    Select the slide you want to add audio too. Click on the Insert tab. 
2.    Click on the Audio icon in the Media section of the ribbon. It should be on the top-right corner.

3.    Select Audio on My PC to upload a sound file from your computer. Locate the file and click Insert. 
Select Record Sound (2016) or Record Audio (2013), if you want to record and add an audio file. 
Formatting Audio Files
1.    Once you’ve inserted the audio file, select the audio clip icon on your slide and you will see a Playback tab on the ribbon menu. 
2.    Under this option, you can perform a ton of edits. 
You can choose to change how the sound clip starts playing: Automatically or On-Click. You can choose to play it for the entire duration of your slideshow by clicking on Play in Background. 

You can also fade in, fade out and trim the audio to use only a specific part: all under one roof.