How to Edit and Use Slide Layouts

Published: Jun 02, 2018

If you want to design the layout for your own template or change an existing one, you will need to edit Slide Layouts, which by the way is as easy as it sounds. Just follow the steps, add your own flair and you should have a striking template at hand.

Changing Slide Layouts

1. Go to the View tab, click on Slide Master.

2. In the thumbnail sidebar, select the layout that catches your fancy and matches the content you want to add.

3. Now, you can make changes to the selected layout by:

a) Inserting placeholders. Choose the type of placeholder, select location on slide and drag and drop the placeholder.

b) Editing fonts, customizable backgrounds for particular sections(as shown below), removing/adding footers, headers, animations, transitions, etc.

4. To remove layouts, right-click on the unwanted layout and select Delete Layout.

5. When you're done making changes to the layout you want to use, Close Master View.

Using Edited Slide Layouts

1. In Normal View, navigate to the Layout drop-down list under the Home tab.

2. From the list, click on the updated layout.

These easy-to-follow steps should get you started with making your own slide layouts. Not only will you get yourself top-notch designs, you will also save yourself a whole lotta time!