Ways to Add A Video in PowerPoint

Published: Feb 06, 2019

Adding videos to your PowerPoint presentation helps you to show your video directly without switching to another platform, and ensure the integrity between presentation and video. And do it in PowerPoint is as easy as adding any object to your presentation.

There are 3 ways to add video to your presentation in PowerPoint. You can add your video via your own hard disk, via Youtube, or via the embed code of the video you want to add and organize the color, brightness, start and end time of the video you added on PowerPoint. Let’s see how you can add videos to your presentation and how much you can change the video.

Add Video with Content Slide

Navigate to the “Home” tab from the PowerPoint top menu. Click Layout and select Content Slide.

Then click the “Insert Video” button on the page that opens.

You will see 3 different video adding options page that open.

1- First way, you can add a video from your computer by selecting a video from a file. 
2- Second way, you can search for a video on Youtube and add a video from these videos.
3- can add the relevant video to your presentation by clicking the “From a Video Embed Code” option.

Add Video with Insert-Video Option
Another option to add videos is the “Insert” menu. To do this, point to the den Insert menus tab in the PowerPoint top menu. Then click Video.