About Wowslides

Reach A Wide Range of People

In 2017, we decided to ensure people to deliver a speech on a product, idea or a work to their audience by the most comfortable way. Within the improvements, PowerPoint added new features in itself and each time, the possibility of better presentations grew up. With this conscious, Wowslides appeared as the Powerful PowerPoint to HTML5 converter.

Our Mission

To reach PowerPoint presentations with their almost all features to the large masses.

Wowslides Is an Advanced Presentation Technology

As a product of Gobito Enterprise Solutions that is comprising of experts specialized in the industry, we are keeping tabs on the technological developments and creating genuine solutions for corporate structures and individual uses.

The Power of The Platform

Presentation technologies have been taken an online step ahead with the idea of PPT to HTML5 conversion. Wowslides comes true this conversion with almost all of the features that are pinned on PPT slides such as animations, triggers, transition effects, embedded video and narrations, tables, shapes, hyperlinks, buttons, smart art objects, text formatting and effects.

As it is a pretty easy process, Wowslides lets you track presentations that means to know the reaction of the audience to the presentations as view rate and how long users stayed and which slide part attracted them.

Besides, shared presentations are smoothly working on all devices, and if you want to limit the access with assigned users, there’s a solution with the password option.

Wowslides Enterprise

Enterprises integrates Wowslides to their systems. As an organization, convert interactive PowerPoint presentations to Scorm package and upload the LMS (Learning Management System).