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Energy & Environment
History of The Sun

The sun is situated in the very centre of the solar system, the largest universe to date. It account...

sun , History of The Sun , Formation and Evolution
Leadership & Management
Ways to Make Your Employees Productive

Those who have lost their passion for work or space are rising. The number of happy and energetic pe...

Employees Productive
Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium Browser Automation, as defined on its site, is a tool that automates the testing of web ap...

Selenium Automation Testing , selenium , what is selenium
UI (User Interface) UX (User Experience) Nedir?

UI ingilizce User Interface'in (kullanıcı arayüzü), UX ise ingilizce User Experience'in (kullanıcı d...

ux , uı , User Interface
Self Improvement
Öğrendiklerinizin %90’ını Hatırlama Rehberi

Zamanınızın %50’sini öğrenmeye, %50’sini öğretmeye ayırın

time , learning , remember
Real Estate
Increase The Value of Your Home

The first rule to increase the value of the house to be sold is to know your home well. Therefore, y...

real estate , Increase The Value of Your Home
Religion & Spirituality
Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has its origins. According to a rumor, the Wampanoag tribe observed that the British se...

Happy Thanksgiving , Thanksgiving

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