Published: April 13, 2021




    • 1. Business ideaLatgalian Šmakovka   Business idea Latgalian Šmakovka Authors: Davis Kaufmanis Renars Orinskis Ritvars Pundurs Ainis Rundans Raimonds Rombalskis
    • 2. Product description Product description Šmakovka (Latvian eastern region - ‘’Latgale’’ traditional alcoholic drink) ●The tradition of Šmakovka production has been alive in Latgale for many centuries and it became a big part of Latgalian culture. ●Original Šmakovka drink is being made of organic ingredients, it is hand made and it contains at least 40% alcohol. ●Šmakovka has many taste nuances and is available in different colors (depending on ingredients)
    • 3. 3,75 litres 3,75 litres Average alcohol consumption per one person in Latgale in 1937.
    • 4. Why the company decided to expand globally? Why the company decided to expand globally? We have decided to make Latgalian traditional alcoholic drink in cardboard packaging, decorated with Latvian Eastern region tourism places paintings to represent Latvia- its nature, culture and history. Packaging would include print of tourism objects - palaces, museums, nature trials, also containing description about historical moments and their meaning for present days. In future, it will encourage international consumers to visit Latvia, get to know more about Latvia and its culture/history and maybe to visit a museum of Šmakovka in Daugavpils.
    • 5. The markets and/or countries where company is going to enter The markets and/or countries where company is going to enter It would be possible to buy product in: ●European markets ●European souvenir sales sites ●Specific alcohol markets ●Latvian markets ●Latgalian souvenir sales sites