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    Published: July 17, 2018

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    Akademi.net- Learning Experience Platform

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    • 3. EMPOWER YOUR BUSINESS LEARNING INTELLIGENCE EMPOWER YOUR BUSINESS LEARNING INTELLIGENCE Akademi.net Learning Experience Platform provides a system that people love to use. Akademi.net makes it easy for teachers / trainers to create and design courses in many different types, assign them to learners with a deep learning experience and accurately track the results. You can directly begin creating your courses in minutes. Join the experience for Akademi.net ’s features to see why tens of thousands of users choose Akademi.net as their premium learning management system.
    • 5. Akademi.net Learning Experience Platform Aims To Increase  Satisfaction And Fun From Learning & Training. Provided Services And Platforms Offer Innovative And Intuitive Solutions That Rescue Companies From The Outdated Learning Mediums. Akademi.net Learning Experience Platform Aims To Increase Satisfaction And Fun From Learning & Training. Provided Services And Platforms Offer Innovative And Intuitive Solutions That Rescue Companies From The Outdated Learning Mediums.
    • 6. Here are the many features AKADEMI.NET has to offer: Here are the many features AKADEMI.NET has to offer: •Cloud-based learning •Integrate with your systems •Build courses in minutes •Customizable to your needs •Robust reporting •Enterprise friendly learning experience platform •Mobile friendly •Assessments engine •Learning paths •Survey and exam engine •Blended learning •Videoconference support •Certifications •Rich communication tools •Gamification •User types •Mass actions •Courses marketplace •Content friendly •Branching •Single-sign-on •Security •Multilingual •Content design tools •Publishing platforms •Course catalogue •Market place •E-commerce support •Recruitment and application management •Instructor-led-training management
    • 7. REMARKABLE MODULES REMARKABLE MODULES Innovative And Intuitive Modules To Save Companies From Outdated Learning Mediums
    • 8. Robust Reports and AnalysIs Robust Reports and AnalysIs Akademi.net Learning Experience Platform delivers great performance and serves rich selection of reports and analyses. Superior reporting and analyzing tools enable you to meet compliancy requirements even in complex function.
    • 9. Powerful Survey and Exam EngIne Powerful Survey and Exam EngIne Advanced test engine and tracking features provide you to attain the best performance result for assessment and evaluation. Select among premade question types and increase the quality and variety of your tests.
    • 10. BrIght AKADEMI.NET Conference BrIght AKADEMI.NET Conference Deliver engaging online classes and record them-all within Akademi.net. Akademi.net Conference, is amazing platform for virtual classes. Schedule and manage classes, upload content, and view recordings from within Akademi.net Conference.
    • 11. SuperIor Instructor-led-traInIng Management  SuperIor Instructor-led- traInIng Management Akademi.net Learning Experience Platform is designed for meeting your enterprise’s needs. Easily manage both your online, face to face training programs and other types. You can inform your user about the location of training easily.
    • 12. Sophıstıcated Certıfıcatıon Engıne Sophıstıcated Certıfıcatıon Engıne Issue certifications with varying durations. Easily support various compliancy scenarios that require re-certifications on predefined intervals.
    • 13. Talented Scorm & TınCan (xApı) Player Talented Scorm & TınCan (xApı) Player Support for the latest industry standard on content interoperability.
    • 14. Express Content Creatıon Express Content Creatıon Akademi.net Learning Experience Platform comes with OneClickContent feature offers you prepare course program according to specific needs of the organization. You will create course by reusing content you already have like documents, presentations, videos, images or SCORM files.
    • 15. UnIque Power PoInT Convertor UnIque Power PoInT Convertor You may turn power point files into valuable course easily with all transitions and animations in them.
    • 16. AttractIve Document Convertor AttractIve Document Convertor You will love our easy document to course convertor. PDF, EPub, and Word files will be in place on your Learning Experience Platform in minutes.
    • 17. Modern VIdeo & AnImatIon Course Player Modern VIdeo & AnImatIon Course Player Deliver your video and animation courses through stunning Akademi.net Learning Experience Platform easily.
    • 18. FIles reposItory FIles reposItory Organize, reuse and share files with selected users
    • 19. DynamIc Learner Groups DynamIc Learner Groups Group learners can be brought together quickly and easily. Once a group is created, it’s easy to track, understand, and manage individual groups.
    • 20. CurrIculums CurrIculums Group courses into curriculums for additional flexibility on learning delivery.
    • 21. AkademI.net Is InteractIve! AkademI.net Is InteractIve! Anouncments, bulk SMS, notifications, keeping agenda, comments… You will reach all communication channels by using single click. Keep in touch with learners.
    • 22. SOCIAL AND MOBILE LEARNING  SOCIAL AND MOBILE LEARNING Boost The Team Work And Talented Potential
    • 23. Training Should Be Interactive,Social And Anytime-Anywhere. Re-scale The Learning Experience. Count On Akademi.net Mobile And Social Learning For Perfect Performance. Training Should Be Interactive,Social And Anytime-Anywhere. Re-scale The Learning Experience. Count On Akademi.net Mobile And Social Learning For Perfect Performance.
    • 24. Akademı.net Mobıle Learnıng Experıence Akademı.net Mobıle Learnıng Experıence Extend To Spaces Beyond The Traditional Learning Mediums Akademi.net Mobile Learning offers learners an enriching learning experience anytime anywhere. It is imperative for learning technologies specialists to use this revolutionary learning medium for increasing success and motivation. Take training where your learners are with Akademi.net Mobile Learning.
    • 25. Here Are Just A Few Of The Ways That Mobıle Learnıng You Cultıvate Outstandıng Learnıng Experıence: Here Are Just A Few Of The Ways That Mobıle Learnıng You Cultıvate Outstandıng Learnıng Experıence: üFlexibility üPortability üCustomization üInteraction üEngagement üAccessibility üImmersion üMotivation
    • 26. Akademı.net SocIal LearnIng ExperIence Akademı.net SocIal LearnIng ExperIence Akademi.net Social Learning Empowers Overall Performance of Business Akademi.net Social Learning not just benefits learners, but your business as well. The kind of positive learning experience that social learning provides to learners has a direct impact on the effectiveness of your learning initiative, which in turn into significant business gains and a positive ROI.
    • 27. Akademi.net Social Learning Helps Bring About Greater Application Of The Learning On The Job Besides Giving Learners Greater Control Over Their Learning.  Akademi.net Social Learning Helps Bring About Greater Application Of The Learning On The Job Besides Giving Learners Greater Control Over Their Learning.
    • 28. Slide29 • Connects disengaged learners • Helps learners self- organize • Facilitates collaboration • Can be applied across training needs • Learn collaboratively • Learning from peers. • Communities of interest. • Coaching and mentoring • Just-in-time learning aids. • Knowledge gain. • Knowledge application on the job. • Positive ROI on training
    • 29. Expandable, ExtensIble Expandable, ExtensIble Choose The Best Extension For Your Organization
    • 30. World-class Akademı.net Learnıng Experıence Platform World-class Akademı.net Learnıng Experıence Platform Extensible feature set provides a fast, simple and scalable structure. You can matches leading learning management systems at a low IT operating costs and worries so you can focus on what matters most. Maximize your return on investment and minimize your data entry tasks with Sync. World-class Akademi.net Learning Experience Platform provides useful extensions to maximize its solutions.
    • 31. Courses Market place Courses Market place Buy and consume from thousands of premade courses on a vast variety of topics.
    • 32. Cınema8 VIDEO Cınema8 VIDEO Cinema8 Video allows you to control both the learning content and the user experience by placing a player directly in a partner site. Create your outstanding content with agile extension for your legendary scenarios. Cinema8 provides you to improve vivid brand presence with unique social tools. Make your content interactive from design to display. Smart interaction of Cinema8 application boosts precious ROI.
    • 33. CInema8 Tube CInema8 Tube Publish or broadcast your video&animation learning content on your corporate online learning channel. Deliver digital content for your all training purposes. The rocket booster on your learning experience spaceship with its ultimate social and user friendly application.
    • 34. E-commerce E-commerce Extensive support for ecommerce. Sell your courses via virtual 3d secure POS. Offer global discounts. Use balance as a virtual coin. Easily monetize your courses using pre-packaged ecommerce features or set up an online storefront.
    • 35. GamIfIcatIon GamIfIcatIon Create badges, awards that learners can win for achieving things inside Akademi.net Learning Experience Platform, and earning these badges creates a ranking for each user.
    • 36. AKADEMI.NET Portal AKADEMI.NET Portal Activate the energy of Akademi.net portal in your platform. Akademi.net Learning Experience Platform provides to create corporate akademi.net portal.
    • 37. Admınıstratıve User Management Admınıstratıve User Management Organize your Learning Experience Platform administration by creating profiles for specific management operations.
    • 38. Support Support Akademi.net Learning Experience Platform provides incomparable support to maximize the solutions. Our world-class Learning Experience Platform comes with a dedicated support team. The Akademi.net Support team is your partner offering ongoing application support so you can focus on what’s important your business.
    • 39. Customızatıon Customızatıon Choose whatever your enterprise needs! Your logo, your colors, your voice… Customize the look-and-feel of your portal in great detail.
    • 40. ıntegratıons ıntegratıons
    • 41. Powerhouse Solutıons Powerhouse Solutıons For Every Challenge You Deal
    • 42. Recruıtıng Recruıtıng Improve The Expertise Acquisition Process With Modernized & Ultimate Recruiting Access better candidates in less time with social sourcing, collaborative hiring capabilities, applicant management, video conference tools and employee referrals.
    • 43. Orıentatıon Traınıng  Orıentatıon Traınıng Train, Engage And Put The New One To Team Keep new hires engaged with social platforms, training and competitive goal setting options. Develop your people's skills and boost your business value with Akademi.net Learning Experience Solutions
    • 44. Connectıng Connectıng Sitimulate Social Collaboration To Inspire Great Team Work From All Employees Leverage the power of sharing knowledge, solutions, and innovations across the entire corporation. Employees can contribute, create community, and complete key projects faster with stunning team work tools, task management, and social feedback capabilities.
    • 45. Performance Management Performance Management Boost dedication, productivity, and performance Deliver, track, and report on multiple learning types all while seamlessly combining development with performance, compensation, and succession. Training, performance, and merit data is available on . Akademi.net Learning Experience Solutions makes easier to identify, develop, and success top talent.
    • 46. AKADEMI.NETLearnIng ExperIence Platform AKADEMI.NET LearnIng ExperIence Platform For Every Team, Division And Business
    • 47. AKADEMI.NET Learnıng Experıence Platform For Employee Traınıng AKADEMI.NET Learnıng Experıence Platform For Employee Traınıng You may prepare training programs for your employees properly. Education and improvement programs that enhance employee engagement and productivity are also assessment and performance measuring’s means. Akademi.net Learning Experience Platform for Employee Training designed to satisfy your organizational development and employee training needs gives extraordinary corporation improvement opportunity.
    • 48. AKADEMI.NET Learnıng Experıence Platform For Sales Force Traınıng AKADEMI.NET Learnıng Experıence Platform For Sales Force Traınıng Are your sales slowing down? Do you have a difficulty about relaying your products and services information to your sales force? You may advertise your products and services easily to your channels anywhere globally. Share your knowledge and documents easily. Akademi.net Learning Experience Platform for Sales Force Training implementation carries your business a step forward by increasing sales figure.
    • 49. AKADEMI.NET Learnıng Experıence Platform For Busıness Partner Traınıng AKADEMI.NET Learnıng Experıence Platform For Busıness Partner Traınıng Productivity and time management are factor that force every business. You may raise productivity and manage your time effectively. Akademi.net Learning Experience Platform for Business Partner Training you can use to inform your business partners about processes and develop your commercial network displays performance beyond your expectations as much as your vision forward.
    • 50. AKADEMI.NET LearnIng ExperIence Platform For Customer TraInIng AKADEMI.NET LearnIng ExperIence Platform For Customer TraInIng Would you like to connect with your customers? Train your customer to improve your brand communication and support your loyalty program. Make your customers be loyal and know your business inside out to boom your sales and profitability. Akademi.net Learning Experience Platform for Customer Training will introduce you to new communication and advertising platform.
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