Out-of-Plan Learning Requests

    Published: May 28, 2019

    Additional Module Features


    Out-of-Plan Learning Requests

    • 1. Slide1 Education Management System Additional Training Request
    • 2. Slide7 Training Requests The training to be requested by the participant is done in two ways: 1. Request for Training from the Catalog: The participant is able to request from the existing trainings in the catalog, which is the standard demand form of Akademi.net. 2. Additional Training Request: The participant can request the training which he/she wants to receive by the request from the catalog. This module has been newly developed and will be charged separately. Its use is activated by Gobito. When requesting for both options, the form is filled in and submitted to the manager's approval. To open the form window, the option Show Training Request Form must be selected when creating training by Admin. Form information can be visualyzed from admin screens and report module.
    • 3. Slide14 Catalog Training Requests When clicks on a demanded education from the catalog, it reaches the training detail page with the «Request» button.
    • 4. Slide32 Catalog Training Requests When training is requested from the Training Detail page, the form next to it opens. The completed form is sent to the manager's approval by pressing the «DEMAND» button.
    • 5. Slide33 Additional Training Requests When this module is activated, the button «Out-of-Plan Learning Requests» is visible and when this button is pressed, the form screen is displayed for detailed information about the training to be requested.
    • 6. Slide34 Training Requests Each field need to be filled in the form on the right side. The completed form is sent to the administrator's approval by pressing the button «Request» . The admin-approved form is approved by admin.
    • 7. PROFİL SAYFASI Approvals by executives, Requested Training Requests from «Pending Approvals» Other Training Requests are listed in the field «Additional Training Requests». Waiting Approvals
    • 8. PROFİL SAYFASI Pending Approvals The details of the Training Request can be seen when the option «Training Demand Information » is clicked. I will improve myself
    • 9. PROFİL SAYFASI System Administrators may select the "Pending Approvals" and «Additional Trainings" Requests under the Control Panel. Administrator Screens
    • 10. PROFİL SAYFASI «Pending Approvals List » is listed in the figure above. Administrator Screens
    • 11. PROFİL SAYFASI «Additional Training Requests List» is listed on the figure above. Administrator Screens
    • 12. PROFİL SAYFASI Reporting can be made for all pending actions. In «Check Pending Requests» opition it’s possible to visualyze «Causes» and «Other Notes» Administrator Reports
    • 13. Slide31 info@gobito.com T: (+90) 212 483 74 81