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    Presentation using Trigger

    Published: July 31, 2018

    Its a simple presentation using picture, transition, animation, trigger, slide master etc.


    Presentation using Trigger

    • 1. Slide11 aks
    • 2. WELCOME  aks WELCOM E Click on mouse to trigger
    • 3. Microsoft Office Specialist(MOS) aks Microsoft Office Specialist(MOS) Layout
    • 4. What is MOS ?  aks What is MOS ? MOS is a package course of Microsoft Corporation. It helps to print, publishing, store documents, generate report, database maintain.
    • 5. MOS cover the following applications: aks MOS cover the following applications: Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Access Microsoft PowerPoint
    • 6. What is word? aks What is word? Microsoft word is a word processing software. It helps in printing publishing and storing documents.
    • 7. What is Excel?         aks What is Excel? Microsoft Excel is a data processing software. It helps process data, analyze data generate various types of reports.
    • 8. What is Access ? aks What is Access ? Access is a database software. It works with Tables, Queries, Forms and Reports.
    • 9. What is PowerPoint? aks What is PowerPoint? Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation helping software. We can use graphs, charts, audio video etc. for smart presentation.
    • 10. Slide13 aks An Apple Half Apple Trigger Click Here
    • 11. Thank You !  aks Thank You ! 
    • 12. Slide14 aks Tools are used : ü Transition ü Animation üTrigger üSlide Master Note: The presentation can be converted into picture, pdf and so. Links: PDF: https://goo.gl/BqoGRj MP4: https://goo.gl/TgjR2K PowerPoint Version : 2016