PowerPoint with Animation

    Published: May 30, 2018



    PowerPoint with Animation

    • 1. Creating a Flip Animation Creating a Flip Animation •To create a flip animation effect you need to have a graphic for each side of an object. •Insert the two graphics in a slide, one each for the front and back view. They should be the same size. •For the first sample, I used these two graphics:
    • 2. Click to Flip Click to Flip •Give each graphic two custom animations: an exit of Collapse and an entrance of Stretch. Make sure that all animation directions are across and all speeds are the same. •Make the Collapse animation for each shape Start on click. Set the Stretch animations to Start after previous. •Order the animations as follows: Collapse for front graphic, Stretch for rear graphic, Collapse for rear graphic, and Stretch for front graphic. •Open your Custom animation task pane to review these settings.
    • 3. Click to Flip Click to Flip •Position the front shape directly over the reverse shape (use Order, Send to Back or Bring to Front from the Shortcut Menu, if necessary). •In Slide show view, click to flip the graphic and click again to flip it back. •If you just want to flip it once, use only the first two animations – to flip more times, repeat the effects. •Go to the next slide for another (cooler) example.
    • 4. North Carolina State Quarter North Carolina State Quarter
    • 5. Trigger Flips Trigger Flips •To flip ‘on demand’ add animation triggers. •Draw two shapes to use as triggers - I used arrows. •Go to effect options for the first Collapse animation. •On the Timing tab, click the Triggers button and choose Start effect on click of: Right Arrow. •Move the first Stretch animation below the collapse under Trigger: Right Arrow. •Go to effect options for the remaining collapse animation and set the trigger to Start effect on click of: Left Arrow •Move the remaining Stretch animation to below the Collapse under Trigger: Left Arrow. •Show the slide and click the arrows to flip when you want! Next Slide
    • 6. More Stuff More Stuff •I hope you found this helpful. •For more stuff visit www.maysstuff.com/ppt/ •Examples of stuff: –Text entrance animations –Layouts in 2007 –Gradients in 2007 –Working with Slide Masters –Tips for Presenters