Henri Becquerel Discovered Radioactivity

    Published: March 12, 2019

    Who is Henri Becquerel? What is radioactivity?


    Henri Becquerel Discovered Radioactivity

    • 1. Henri Becquerel Discovered Radioactivity Henri Becquerel Discovered Radioactivity Who is Henri Becquerel? What is radioactivity?
    • 2. Who is Henri Becquerel? Antoine Henri Becquerel was born on December 15, 1852, in Paris, France. Becquerel's most important turning points came from a four-year period in her youth. In 1874, when he left the École Polytechnique, he married Lucie- Zoe-Marie Jamin.
    • 3. Who is Henri Becquerel? In 1878 his first wife died shortly after giving birth to his son, Jean. Jean became a physicist by continuing the family tradition. In 1890, Becquerel married Louise Désirée Lorieux.
    • 4. What is Radioactivity? What is Radioactivity? Radioactivity is the tendency of unstable atomic nuclei to emit subatomic particles. Radioactivity occurs in heavy elements such as uranium. The sequence of the core reaction occurs.
    • 5. What is Radioactivity? There is always some radiation around us, but the surplus of radiation threatens human health. Natural radiation, along with some chemical elements, is produced by stars and some objects in the space.
    • 6. How Did He Discover The Radioactivity? Becquerel waited to expose the uranium wrapped around the film she had left in her drawer, to the Sun, and on March 1 she discovered that there was a glow when she washes the film for no reason. Becquerel described it as an invisible ray similar to x-rays.
    • 7. Who is Henri Becquerel? These beams emitted by uranium were called Becquerel Rays. Soon after, Marie Curie discovered that some atoms other than uranium emit the same kind of radiation. This radiation was called natural radioactivity by Curie's suggestion.
    • 8. Nobel Prize for Physics Becquerel received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1903, along with Pierre Curie and Marie Curie. Becquerel was a respected member of the European scientific community. In 1900, he was elected as French Legionary officer.
    • 9. Henri Becquerel's Death He died on August 25, 1908, in Le Croisic, France. After his death, two craters, one on the Moon and the other on Mars, were given the title Becquerel crater.