Billionaires That Leave The School

    Published: July 05, 2019

    It's important to have finished a good school, but the diploma isn't always the guarantee of a good career and a successful business life. Here are the billionaires who left their schools.


    Billionaires That Leave The School

    • 1. Slide1 Billionaires That Leave The School
    • 2. Slide5 It's important to have finished a good school, but the diploma is not always the guarantee of a good career and a successful business life. Here are the billionaires who left their schools.
    • 3. Slide4 Bill Gates, who wrote his first software at age 13, get kicked out Harvard University in 1975 and founded Microsoft with his $ 100. Gates take the Harvard Medal of Honor in 2007. Bill Gates's fortune is $ 90 billion. Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft
    • 4. Slide18 He left Harvard to focus on Facebook full time. He founded Facebook in a dorm at Harvard. In 2004 he left the second grade and moved to Silicon Valley. With more than 1 billion active users, it has become the world's largest social network. Mark Zuckerberg
    • 5. Slide19 Facebook opened in 2012 and Zuckerberg is now one of the youngest billionaires in the world. Today, Facebook's total value is over $ 200 billion. Mark's wealth is 73 billion dollars. Mark Zuckerberg
    • 6. Slide6 While at East Nashville High School, Winfrey began to feel interested and love for the media. He was on the conversation team working at a local radio station. Oprah Winfrey
    • 7. Slide7 He also brought this passion to college. Winfrey, a sophomore at Tennessee State University, received a job offer from a local television station and left school to start his media career. Oprah Winfrey
    • 8. Slide8 Steve Jobs, who was studying at Reed College, decided to quit school because he thought he had a burden on the cost of school for his middle-class family. Steve Jobs
    • 9. Slide9 Speaking about this election years later, Jobs said it was one of the wisest decisions to leave school. Steve Jobs, reached the peak of his career with Apple. Steve Jobs
    • 10. Slide10 Dell was studying medicine at the University of Texas, but his love for computers was much more dominant. When he was a freshman, he made money by buying and selling old computers and selling them for profit. Michael Dell
    • 11. Slide11 According to Forbes, Dell sold $ 80,000 a month and decided to leave the university at the age of 19 to expand his computer business. Michael Dell
    • 12. Slide12 In 1992, 27-year-old Michael Dell was the youngest CEO in the Fortune 500 list. Michael Dell's personal fortune is about $ 20 billion today. Michael Dell
    • 13. Slide13 Mackey wasn't very attached to the college, and he left several universities in Texas in the mid-70s. At the age of 25, Mackey was studying religion and philosophy at the University of Texas. Whole Foods, Founder of John Mackey
    • 14. Slide14 He joined the Vegan club, dropped out of school for the last time, and got a loan to open his first store. A few decades later, Whole Foods became an international chain with annual sales of over $ 14 billion. Whole Foods, Founder of John Mackey
    • 15. Slide15 He left the University of Houston to establish WordPress. Even then, she was so knowledgeable that she did not see the need to take computer lessons. At the age of 20, he developed WordPress's launch and received job offers from technology companies. Matt Mullenweg
    • 16. Slide16 After leaving, he went to work for CNET in San Francisco and promised to continue developing his side project in 15% of the time. He went to found Automattic, the company behind WordPress. Matt Mullenweg
    • 17. Slide17 Although it employs only 330 people, this online platform has 131 million different visitors per month and provides infrastructure for 23 percent of the Internet. Matt Mullenweg
    • 18. Slide20 Travis Kalanick, Uber founder and former CEO, founded Scour, a file sharing service with some classmates while studying computer engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles. Travis Kalanick
    • 19. Slide21 In 1998 he left the university months before graduation and only interested in Scour. In 2000, Scour sank and Kalanick again set up a similar service, RedSwoosh. Today, known as the founder of Uber, Kalanick's personal wealth is about $ 7 billion. Travis Kalanick