Habits of Successful Leaders

    Published: April 30, 2019

    Some of the hundreds of successful names in the history of the world have a lot of daily routines and habits that are extremely ordinary and some are very interesting. Starting today you can start making these habits a part of your life.


    Habits of Successful Leaders

    • 1. Habits of Successful Leaders Habits of Successful Leaders
    • 2. Habits of Successful Leaders Habits of Successful Leaders Thanks to the internet, we can track leaders from all over the world. You can watch as long as they share their daily routines with us. Some of the hundreds of successful names in the history of the world have a lot of daily routines and habits that are extremely ordinary and some are very interesting. Starting today you can start making these habits a part of your life.
    • 3. 1 - Wake Up Early 1 - Wake Up Early We disagree that Richard Branson, one of the world's number one space-themed company, does not suddenly decide on a day when he falls out of bed and in his pajamas until noon to establish Virgin Galactics, isn't it? Yes, Richard Branson, one of the most successful people in the world, is one of those who started the day early in the morning like many other successful people. If you want to save time, to steal the phones, to gather calmly in your mind what you are going to do on that day, and to start your day vigorously, you have to get up early. Remember, the most effective time of your mind is the first two hours after waking up!
    • 4. 2- They Do Sports 2- They Do Sports No room for excuses! If you want to increase your creativity, clarify your thoughts and increase your energy, you must move and run your body. Get up at five every morning and swim in the nearest indoor pool where you live or sweat pour in the fitness room.
    • 5. 3 - They Devote Time To Themselves 3 - They Devote Time To Themselves Success doesn't always mean working hard, working at a computer until midnight. If you want to be a person who makes a difference and inspires, you don't forget to take your time. You need a hobby to relax. Whatever you do, make sure you take your time, empty your mind, relieve stress.
    • 6. 4- They Share Resources 4- They Share Resources Investigate civil society organizations that you may wish to support. Communicate with non- governmental organizations working in children, nature, education, health, street animals and similar fields and share their resources with these organizations. To provide financial and moral support to the organizations that are beneficial to the society, to work in these organizations voluntarily in their spare time both increases your level of happiness and contributes to your success and creativity level in other fields.
    • 7. 5- Deepening 5- Deepening In today's world, being fast and doing several jobs at the same time (or trying to do) has become natural. However, if we want to succeed, we need to focus and deepen when working on issues that are especially important to us, silence our smartphones and focus on one subject and increase our right to that subject. Sometimes we should read in a single area for days or months, watch videos and deepen our knowledge.
    • 8. 6- Do Not Forget To Thank Those Who Support Themselves 6- Do Not Forget To Thank Those Who Support Themselves Review those who contribute to success and never skip to thank them. You can do this sometimes with a small email sometimes with a financial reward. The important thing is to show that the person's contribution was noticed by you without delay. If you do this, your support will grow exponentially.
    • 9. 7. Reassess Their Priorities Every Day 7. Reassess Their Priorities Every Day If you don't want to get off the road to your destination, review your priorities every day, revise them and move on. We live in a very fast time, and we can face new responsibilities every day. The only condition for not deviating from the road is to review and reorder the priorities that will lead you to your main goal as you begin the day and to fulfill these priorities one by one.
    • 10. 8 - Do Not Hesitate To Say No 8 - Do Not Hesitate To Say No Who knows how many times you just promised the person you were standing in front of you without thinking for a second, and then you stopped thinking for a moment and you regret it? If you don't want this to happen again, just learn to say " no " if you think you're wasting your time and energy with things that don't help you just because you promised. It won't be easy at first, but as you do, you'll get used to it and you'll have a much more efficient relationship with the people around you.
    • 11. 9 - They Go Back And Evaluate The Day 9 - They Go Back And Evaluate The Day 24 hours isn't enough for you, you might have to make dozens of decisions during the day, do a lot of work at the same time, run from the meeting to the meeting. In order not to be lost in this rapid cycle of life, go back at the end of the day and assess what they are doing and what decisions you make, and think that you could get better results if you did what you did differently. This assessment will be very good training for you to take the right steps in the future.