Methods for Dealing With Mobbing

    Published: February 03, 2019

    The general definition of Mobbing, the name given to emotional and social pressure in the business world. (especially in the management level)


    Methods for Dealing With Mobbing

    • 1. Methods for Dealing with Mobbing Methods for Dealing with Mobbing
    • 2. What is Mobbing? What is Mobbing? The general definition of Mobbing, the name given to emotional and social pressure in the business world. (especially in the management level)
    • 3. Psychological Violence Psychological Violence •If someone is constantly criticizing you •If making fun with you •If someone constantly talking about your behavior and relationships •If he/she is offensive •If there are any accusations and allegations in the implications to reduce your confidence and respect We are sorry, you're experiencing psychological violence.
    • 4. Mobbing Practitioners Mobbing Practitioners He/She will put pressure on you in areas where he is insufficient (especially performance work efficiency). In the slightest negativity, He/She will try to make you feel insufficient. You can analyze this person's accusation and you can with this next time cope.
    • 5. Mobbing Struggle Methods Mobbing Struggle Methods 1.Analyze Status 2.Never Entering Debate 3.Improvement Yourself Constantly 4.Become a Team Friend Loved in The Office Environment 5.Be Open To Opportunities 6.Do Not Lose Your Hope
    • 6. Analyze Status Analyze Status Are you really exposed to psychological violence? Or are you just being criticized? You should try to analyze it. Every person thinks that they behave perfectly in the environment. In the business environment, think about how you are with people and make an evaluation. Remember, the best is self-criticism.
    • 7. Never Entering Debate Never Entering Debate You thought. You're good with everyone, you are doing a good job. (You like to add something to yourself and enrich them.) He/She is not happy that. Don't worry about it and lower the mode. Mobbing people are generally unable to get their lives on the right track and are unable to digest this situation. Even though their lives may seem normal from the outside, they may have serious problems that they don't actually want to show to anyone. So you can't change it. He/she playing with you to get away from your problems and feeding on new problems. Don't fall into the trap.
    • 8. Improvement Yourself Constantly Improvement Yourself Constantly You need to know what the other team workers are dealing with. You should always be able to look at the big picture in business life. Remember, this is the only thing that separates you from the more experienced manager or colleague than you! You should find out what their friends are doing in general, what other teams you work with, and where they report. Most importantly, you have to find the answers to questions such as which unit you and what kind of activities they are working on. You should receive regular feedback from the teams you sent the job too. If they are satisfied with your work, your manager won't have the opportunity to crush you here.
    • 9. Become a Team Friend Loved in The Office Environment Become a Team Friend Loved in The Office Environment The mobbing person is problematic. You're not the only one he reflects. A lot of the teams that he worked with could be sick of him. They may be talking about your situation among themselves. Become a loved teammate. Help your friends, do in their spare time. Go out with them in the evenings. I think that is will be a good idea.
    • 10. Be Open To Opportunities Be Open To Opportunities In the workplace where you work, there will be personnel deficits. Sometimes in another department, it will necessarily consist of staff gaps. You must be open to them. You should know not only in the workplace but also in the sector and even in other sectors. You don't have to work with him until the end of your life. You're going to walk and climb the steps. She/He is just going to be someone you left behind.
    • 11. Do Not Lose Your Hope Do Not Lose Your Hope Never lose hope. You should learn to ignore them and develop a behavior towards them. You may be very depressed, but be patient. You're going to solve this problem step by step. The most important thing is your image against the outside. Don't forget the managers and other teammates know.