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    Interesting Facts about Turtles

    Published: August 04, 2021

    Read about turtles before you get one as they must live outdoors and not in a tank. Log on http://www.tortoise.com/


    Interesting Facts about Turtles

    • 1. Slide1 Interesting Facts about Turtles www.tortoise.com
    • 2. Slide2 Turtles are among the oldest creatures living on the planet earth. They evolved millions of years ago. Turtles mostly appear inactive and quiet creatures, but they are actually very charming ones. www.tortoise.com
    • 3. Slide3 Some facts about the turtles: q Turtle Care and Advice: Turtles need special care if they are considered as pet. Turtles don’t like to be held. Read about turtles before you get one as they must live outdoors and not in a tank. www.tortoise.com
    • 4. Slide4 q Rescue Turtles: Never but turtles or tortoise from breeders or pet stores as many took them out of the wild. If a turtle is found crossing roads, pick them up and place it on the side of the road where it is heading If any injured or sick turtle is found, report to your local animal control shelter. www.tortoise.com
    • 5. Slide5 q Save the Turtles: Never trouble a nesting turtles, nests or hatchlings. Keep sea beach free from debris and plastic. Maintain darkness on the nesting beaches and protect them if found. www.tortoise.com
    • 6. Slide7 q Desert Tortoise: The Desert Tortoise is the utmost subtle inhabitants of the desert. These desert tortoises spend nearly 95% of their life below the soil. They are rarely seen and mostly well known in Mojave deserts. www.tortoise.com
    • 7. Slide6 American Tortoise Rescue 30765 Pacific Coast Hwy Malibu, California 90265 310-589-5521