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    360° Video Usage Areas

    Published: January 24, 2019

    360° Usage Areas of Video


    360° Video Usage Areas

    • 1. 360° Video Usage Areas 360° Video Usage Areas
    • 2. EDUCATION EDUCATION It is possible to introduce educational institutions, lecture, and create one-to-one course. Flight simulation systems provide flight training to pilots at relatively inexpensive costs.
    • 3. EDUCATION Students will be able to attend a virtual classroom with a spectacle they will wear before going to school and listen live in a classroom. (Of course, this is not the case for each course). EDUCATION
    • 4. EDUCATION In the geography lessons, the teacher and students wear glasses in and the will be able to examine the Mevlana statue in Buca as if they were there. In the history class, students will be able to visit the pre-built virtual museums and the historical cities. EDUCATION
    • 5. BUILD - ESTATE BUILD - ESTATE Perhaps this technology will delight most construction companies and real estate agents. Construction firms will show their homes to the of their customers without ever having to go there. The customer will be able to visit all the rooms of the house from where he/she is using Virtual Reality.
    • 6. ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES Engagement, Wedding, Invitation, Travel, Exhibition, Fair, Publicity Meetings, Seminars, Educational activities will practicable other events you can think of 360° Video Virtual Reality Technology.
    • 7. TOURISM, TRAVEL, HOTEL MANAGEMENT TOURISM, TRAVEL, HOTEL MANAGEMENT 360° navigable environment allows the environment to be examined. For this purpose, an open or closed space can be made navigable with moving video display technology.
    • 8. TOURISM, TRAVEL, HOTEL MANAGEMENT To see the historical and touristic places, even in different countries, the accommodation will be made within the hotel, boat tour, etc. is made with a promotional film, such as being included in the tour is made possible by this method. TOURISM, TRAVEL, HOTELIER TOURISM, TRAVEL, HOTEL MANAGEMENT
    • 9. MEDICINE MEDICINE Virtual reality is used by medical science for observation and education purposes. It is also used in the treatment of phobias such as fear of heights for direct treatment. Patients with homophobic disorders can enter virtual environments and face these diseases.