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    In 2018 Developing Technology

    Published: January 19, 2019

    In 2018 Developing Technology


    In 2018 Developing Technology

    • 1. Slide12 In 2018 Developing Technology
    • 2. Slide18 Producing metal parts is getting easier every day. In 2017, Markforged launched the first 3D metal printer. Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have announced that they have developed methods to produce stainless steel. 3D PRINTER
    • 3. Slide22 General Electric, which has been producing products in this sector for a long time, plans to sell the 3D printer that will be able to produce large parts of metals in the coming days. 3D PRINTER
    • 4. Slide30 Embryologists working at the University of Cambridge made an invention to redefine how life is created. The researchers were able to produce realistic-looking mouse embryonic stem cells without using only eliminate eggs or sperm. EMBRYO
    • 5. Slide31 Artificial embryos will facilitate research into the mysterious beginning of human life. EMBRYO
    • 6. Slide21 Translation Headphone Google's $ 159 USD Pixel Buds headset is translating almost in real time. The headset works with Google's Pixel smartphone and the Google Translate app.
    • 7. Slide24 Translation Headphone One person wears the headset and the other one is holding the phone. The person who is wearing the headset speaks in his own language. The person who holds the phone answers in his / her own language, the answer is translated and transferred to the headset.
    • 8. Slide25 Scientists are now able to estimate our risk of having a heart attack or breast cancer using our genome and even our IQ. But there is a problem at this point. Genetic Fortune Telling
    • 9. Slide26 Since the predictions made with this technology are far from perfect, who wants to live knowing that Alzheimer's will be? Genetic Fortune Telling
    • 10. Slide32 Quantum Splashes Of Materials Quantum computers will achieve jobs that are not possible with today's machines. However, we have not yet decided what to do with these powerful machines. One of the biggest possibilities is to design a complete molecule.
    • 11. Slide33 Quantum Splashes Of Materials IBM researchers have recently been able to model a small molecule of three atoms using a 7-quantum-bit quantum computer. A better understanding of the details of the molecules will enable chemists to produce more effective drugs, to design better materials to produce and distribute energy.
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