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    What Is Personal Development

    Published: October 10, 2018

    Personal Development


    What Is Personal Development

    • 1. What Is Personal Development? What Is Personal Development?
    • 2. What Is Personal Development? What Is Personal Development? People are born with potential. However, they are good in the world and there are better ones. In other words, human beings can develop as well as physical. We can say that the person's potential to carry his potential in any area is beyond his personal development. The most fundamental point of personal development is the self- recognition. It is the moment when the process of personal development begins when the person identifies himself / herself and in which areas he / she decides to develop himself / herself in the areas he / she thinks is incomplete.
    • 3. What Is Personal Development? What Is Personal Development? based on a certain methodology of individuals, mental and mental health properly; 1-clarify objectives 2-overcome instabilities 3-change perspective 4-make difference 5-increase motivation 6-time well manage 7-self-confidence 8-self-experience (experience to gain) 9-success to be focused on 10-change, to keep up with the pace 11-image renew 12-social communication issues such as training is called Personality Development.
    • 4. What Is Personal Development? What Is Personal Development? Personal evolution; is self-improvement. Personal evolution; is a process that involves many techniques and strategies that motivate us to reach our goals. Personal evolution; is to take steps to establish good relations and communication with others. Personal evolution; the negative thoughts, judiciary and belief patterns in us by changing the positive new ideas, judgment and belief patterns to adopt. Personal evolution;It reveals the highest potential of man from his state and state.
    • 5. What Is Personal Development? What Is Personal Development? What we define as Personal Development is just a few of the ways that will reveal the highest potential of the person, which will contribute to the creation and use of this potential in the best way. What goals to determine, what is to be in good relationship and communication, not to change thoughts, beliefs, judgments alone does not mean Personal Development. These are developments in personality and life. These are positive vital developments that contribute to Personal Development. And every human being is involved in change, whether he wants to or not.
    • 6. What Is Personal Development? What Is Personal Development? Personal Development is different from the change in vital continuity. The vital continuity, the person's experiences, the events, the relationships with the people, provides an effective change with the experiential information. This causes unconscious change of people. Personal Development requires conscious change. It occurs when people program their talents, knowledge, and behavior in a specific direction and path with conscious choices. Personal Development starts from the current state and state of every person consciously at the moment when he / she wishes to switch to the highest state and state. When we want to change the conscious, it does not matter what the name is actually. What is important is that anyone who knows what can happen in this world and who is different from the person he thinks he is, has finally taken the path of his highest state.
    • 7. Benefits of Personal Development Benefits of Personal Development Personal development aims to develop an individual multifaceted. Because the way to make people effective, efficient, and powerful in social life is the structuring of knowledge. Man does this only by performing different learning. If he / she establishes the relationship between these learning, he / she can gain creative thinking skills. With this aim, by means of personal development, the individual builds and develops these potentials and relationships. The individual who develops personal development and qualifications is now more developed in interaction and communication with his environment. It is now more effective, efficient and happy in social life. This benefit or investment, we can say, not the whole society is actually made. Because a human being is a social entity, it can affect the environment or be affected by its surroundings. These interactions will create populations that are highly developed societies.
    • 8. HISTORY OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT HISTORY OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Personal development also existed with the existence of people. Myths, legends, stories, fairy tales, novels, plays have always served the subject of personal development throughout human life. The scientific and research cycle of personal development began in the early 1900s when some researchers tried to find the answer to the following question. QUESTION: WHY SOME PEOPLE SUCCESSFUL, SOME PEOPLE HAVE FAILED? Most of these researchers are Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peal, Dale Carnegie, Clement Stone, Og Mandino, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar These people have interviewed successful people through years of research and clinical studies have tried to determine the laws and methods of success. The result is written and the book.
    • 9. The birth of NLP In The birth of NLP In The early 1970s a new era was opened in personal development. Richard Bandler, professor of mathematics at the University of California Santa Cruz, and John Grinde, a professor of linguistics, decided to study the subject of change and development together. Or NLP is the new technology of success. NÖRO: refers to our nervous system 5 our senses. LINGUISTIC: refers to our ability to use language. PROGRAMMING: is a term taken from computer engineering to indicate that our thoughts and emotions are the habitual programs that can change our mental software by replacing it.
    • 10. The birth of NLP In The birth of NLP In Richard Bandler and John Grinder went into this fundamental question: How do people of different character capture perfection? They set out with the following fixation : If the patterns that provide this change are identified and used in humans, the desired results can be attained again. These two researchers, the founder of the gestalt therapy legend German Fritz Perls, one of the most important names of family therapy, Virginia Satire, philosopher and system thinker Gregory Betson American Clinic The founder of the hypnosis community, MİLTON ERİCKSON, who has a degree in medicine and psychology, worked together for many years and created a new technology of change, which was named as NLP.
    • 11. WHAT IS NLP? WHAT IS NLP? Beginning as an internal change technology, NLP is a technology that has started to be seen as a new version of personal development by covering all areas of personal development over time.
    • 12. FUNCTIONAL PRINCIPLES OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT FUNCTIONAL PRINCIPLES OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Researchers investigating total success have generally identified the functional principles of development and success as follows. thinking brain consciousness subliminal language desire beliefs imagination goal target confidence relations physiology compliance attitude, attitude behavior motivation to change habits positive thoughts conversion values principles
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