Published: November 02, 2019

    CRM In General Terms CRM Versions Sample Scenarios For CRM Advantages Of CRM



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    • 2. CRM In General Terms CRM In General Terms CRM (Customer Relationship Management). As its name implies, CRM is a business strategy that enables us to get to know our customers closely and to perform our daily tasks in a planned and organized manner.
    • 3. CRM In General Terms CRM In General Terms When we go to a store, we can buy a product, so we can become a potential customer to register for the company. The store can send us campaign mails or inform us by phone so that we can prefer them in our other purchases. The same scenario can be considered between the two companies. We control, access and report all these records, marketing, offers, orders and customers with CRM.
    • 4. CRM In General Terms CRM In General Terms
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    • 6. CRM In General Terms CRM In General Terms
    • 7. Sample Scenarios For CRM Sample Scenarios For CRM • If an order is canceled, we can send a notification to customer service, email the customer, or call the customer about the problem. •Once an invoice is created, approved and paid, we can convert it to a pdf document and save it and mail it to the customer. • When an opportunity is created, we can email the potential customer to inform them about the campaigns. • When a quick campaign is set up, we can send information mail to all active people and accounts, or assign assignments to employees to make phone calls.
    • 8. CRM Versions CRM Versions •CRM Online is a cloud-based option where all backend (application servers, installations, deployments, databases, licensing) processes take place on Microsft servers. •CRM On-Premise is a more personalized and enriched version of CRM where applications and deployments take place on your own server.
    • 9. Advantages Of CRM Advantages Of CRM •Sales: Buy more and faster with CRM. •Marketing: Impress customers with communication planning, gain and retain. •Reporting: Integrate advanced search, Excel, SQL utilities into CRM and combine reports with tools like PowerBI to create reports. •Software: Use web api services and odata with on-premise version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update. •Data Storage / Access to Data: Adapt to new technology using cloud service on CRM.
    • 10. Advantages Of CRM Advantages Of CRM
    • 11. CRM-Software Relationship CRM-Software Relationship •Since CRM is a customer service-oriented program, software developers try to write the best-performing code to meet the customer's needs and make CRM personalizedCRM-integrated functions can be written. Plugins can be written as C # code by adding the SDK library to the ClassLibrary project (custom code written and compiled on the Net that triggers another event when a particular event occurs within a given entity). •On the user side, plugins can also be invoked with JavaScript.
    • 12. Sample PLUG-IN Scenario Sample PLUG-IN Scenario If the employee of a company creates a new opportunity, the notification e-mail should be automatically sent to the relevant institution / customer or a note should be added to make a phone call. If it is an in-house opportunity, a meeting should be set up automatically (integrated with the Outlook calendar).
    • 13. CRM As A Summary CRM As A Summary •CRM is a program in which customer relations are managed, developed and enabled the company to take the lead in a competitive market environment. •CRM is software, so it can be customized according to the organization. •It can work integrated with many programs and tools. •It can work via cloud system or servers. •As it is used in many departments within the company, it regulates not only inter-institutional communication but also provides internal integrity.
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