Essentials of Marketin - Berkeley

    Published: July 13, 2018

    UC Berkeley Marketing Program - Details


    Essentials of Marketin - Berkeley

    • 1. Essentials of Marketing: Course Overview   Essentials of Marketing: Course Overview Chris Van Nostrand Spring 2018
    • 2. My Definition of Success  My Definition of Success •By the end of the course you should be able to . . . –Apply marketing concepts in real life –Describe the different facets of marketing –Explain which facets of marketing interest you most –Decide if you want to continue studying this terrific discipline!
    • 3. A Note on the Online Format A Note on the Online Format •You’re in a fixed date class, or what is sometimes referred to as self- paced. I’m here to help as much as possible but generally speaking it is up to you to stay on top of the assignments and master Canvas, the learning management system.
    • 4. Textbook  Textbook •You cannot function in this course without the textbook. Please make sure you have access to a copy by the first day. Extensions will not be granted due to problems securing the textbook. •Access to the online portal is not necessary, although some students do enjoy the supplementary material
    • 5. Marketing Plan Project  Marketing Plan Project •Choose a business of interest as you will spend significant amount of time studying it from all angles. •It can be in any industry of any size. •Many students develop a plan for a new venture or a family business to which they can access lots of data. •What matters is that it keeps your attention and provides lots of opportunity to apply key concepts
    • 6. Examples of Past Projects  Examples of Past Projects •Energy drink startup •Home décor retailer •Vinyl door manufacturer •Executive coaching business •Organic good delivery service •Van retrofitter •IT services and support consultant •Virtual fitting room
    • 7. Marketing Plan Grading Process  Marketing Plan Grading Process •Several parts of the marketing plan are submitted throughout the course so that you may incorporate my feedback into the final version. •For each part of the plan you submit, you start with 100 points and then I make deductions. Your total score is just 100 minus all your deductions. •For the final version, the process is the same but I also account for improvements from the initial submissions, and how well you pushed your analysis after my feedback.
    • 8. Case Grading Process  Case Grading Process •Please refer to the Student Hub for the answer guides after I release assignment grades. •Many students request specific feedback but most of the time the mistakes are the same, so I’ll share common issues on the Student Hub. •For cases, every student starts with 100 points and then I make deductions based on the difficulty of the question (e.g. -2 for a very tricky question, -5 for an easy one.) Your total score is just 100 minus all your deductions.
    • 9. Discussion Grading Process Discussion Grading Process •Discussions are easy points – do not let them pass you by. Late posts are not graded as it’s the digital equivalent of talking to an empty classroom. •Typically, I award 1 post 75 points and 2 posts 90 points. 3 posts plus linking to a related article earns 100 points. But I do reserve the right to adjust based on quality – pushing the conversation forward receives more credit than just agreeing with a prior statement. •A post include both new ideas and responses to classmates - 100 points can come from any combination. It’s more important to help the conversation flow than just share your thoughts (much like real life).
    • 10. Course Structure  Course Structure 1.Introduction to Marketing 2.Environmental Scanning 3.Understanding Buyers and Markets 4.Targeting Marketing Opportunities 5.Developing New Products and Services 6.Managing Products, Brands and Services 7.Pricing 8.Marketing Channels, Supply Chains and Retailing 9.Integrated Marketing Communication 10.Managing the Marketing Process