Black Mirror Bandersnatch

    Published: January 14, 2019

    Black Mirror with an interactive presentation.


    Black Mirror Bandersnatch

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    • 2. Black Mirror with an interactive presentation. §Press button 1 for general information §Press button 2 to be informed about Black Mirror Bandersnatch §How does the interactive story? If you want to learn press 3. button Black Mirror with an interactive presentation. 3 1 2 INTERACTIVE
    • 3. Black Mirror The episodes do not relate to one another so you can skip. Each episode is an annoying series with a distinctive fiction as a movie. « INTERACTIVE
    • 4. Black Mirror Each episode has to do with the consequences of new technologies. They, all have a deeper meaning to them. Most of them will surprise you very much. After solving the events, each section will try to understand the great bends. « INTERACTIVE
    • 5. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch “Bandersnatch” follows Stefan, a young computer programmer who sets off to design a choose-your-own-adventure game based on a novel he’s treasured since childhood in 1984. « INTERACTIVE
    • 6. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch You can restart the episode. You will see a warning that restarting will clear the choices you’ve made and play the episode from the beginning. Choices really alter the story. « INTERACTIVE
    • 7. Interactive Story The interactive story is a way of expressing the flow of the story. Where you can achieve different results according to your decisions. Interactive stories have become popular culture. The king gamification community is the most adopted media. Interactive Story « INTERACTIVE
    • 8. Interactive Story This style of expression is becoming more popular in movies or series. Viewers will be able to decide how the story works by the application on their phones. Interactive Story « INTERACTIVE
    • 9. The episode is interactive, what does that mean? Throughout the episode, you’ll be presented with a series of choices that chart a path for the main character. You will have 10 seconds to make a decision using your remote or mouse if you’re watching on a computer. The episode is interactive, what does that mean? « INTERACTIVE