Cinema8 Enterprise Features

    Published: July 03, 2018

    Get ready for a great and unique video experience!


    Cinema8 Enterprise Features

    • 1. Slide2 Get Ready For A Great And Unique Video Experience
    • 2. Slide25 Basic Module 1- Streaming & Storage Take a Look What is Cinema8? What is Interactive Video? What Can Be Done? Akamai Partnership Use Cases Try Cinema8 Free INDEX Cinema8 Modules Module 3- Interactive Video Interaction Tools Examples Module 4- Interactive 360- Degree Module 5- Live Streaming Start Your Live Broadcasting Now! 1 2 3 5 7 10 Module 5- Enterprise Tube What Can I Do? Enterprise Video Tube Samples 4 Module 2- Local Caching | Hybrid CDN Why Local Caching? 8 Unique Video Solutions Page 2 Module 4- Video Analytics General Statistics Statistics of the Video What It Provides? 9 Module 5- Storyflow Create Fiction of Your Story 6 What Can Be Done?
    • 3. Slide56 Cinema8 is a technology stack that focuses on all the needs of institutions and individuals related to video production & usage. What is Cinema8? Unique Video Solutions Page 3 Media Library Social Media E-Learning Digital Marketing HR& recruitment Customized Content 360° interactive Videos
    • 4. Slide26 Cinema8 Modules Cinema8 offers many modules for all your needs. Storyboard - Form Designer – Tube - Video Search & Aggregato - Video Streaming - Live Streaming - Hybrid CDN – Analytics – DRM - Integrations (LDAP-AD-Custom-Vimeo- Youtube-Kaltura) - Interactive Video Editor - Interactive 360- Degree - Scorm Export - Multi Layer Video Editing – Elements - Html - Video - Audio -Action -Forms – Subtitles - Player Customisation Unique Video Solutions Page 4 Hybrid Video Architecture Streaming & Storage Interactive Video Local Caching Enterprise Tube Video Analytics Live Streaming Storyflow Interactive 360- Degree
    • 5. Slide33 Streaming & Storage With the Live & On Demand Video Streaming take over all the control of your videos. Module 1 Unique Video Solutions Page 5
    • 6. Slide39 Our video streaming & storage solution uses the world leader Akamai CDN framework to stream your videos fast & smoothly. Akamai Partnership •Storage •Publish •Reach to your audiences without any problem Unique Video Solutions Page 6
    • 7. Slide30 Local Caching- Hybrid CDN Manage your local and cloud videos centerally Module 2 Unique Video Solutions Page 7
    • 8. Slide61 Why Local Caching? Cinema8 local caching provides benefit from Hybrid Video Architecture for multi-branch corporations with internet bandwidth constraints. Local caching server is a smart,manageable and smooth caching system. Unique Video Solutions Page 8 With the Hybrid Video Architecture you do not need any additional hardware investments, we have centralized the local and hybrid caching management.
    • 9. Slide54 Why Local Caching?- Hybrid CDN Features Unique Video Solutions Page 9
    • 10. Slide62 Why Local (Hybrid CDN) Caching? Cinema8 Hybrid Video Architecture Topology Unique Video Solutions Page 10
    • 11. Slide31 Interactive Video Turn your videos into interactive, gamified & enjoyable shows. Module 3 Unique Video Solutions Page 11
    • 12. Slide6 Interactive video is a type of video that viewers can interact, and videos can be managed with these interactions. This feature makes interactive video a top-level attendance tool for the audiences. What is Interactive Video? Unique Video Solutions Page 12 Interaction Layer HTML5 Your Video Online Video Platforms
    • 13. Slide57 What Can Be Done? Produce an interactive video. Reach to the audiences. Publish in the social media. Interactive Video with Cinema8 Creative Studio Export to Scorm, publish to any Scorm compliant LMS. Work with multiple interaction layers. Add images, questions, text, section, selection and link. Connect the different interactive videos and create your own Stories. Design your forms, present and report with your interactive videos. Get the detailed usage reports of Interactive Videos easily with Analytics Module. Unique Video Solutions Page 13
    • 14. Slide11 Interaction Tools Unique Video Solutions Page 14 Html OK Cancel Source Code Image & Gif Dynamic Image Video Drawing Animated Text Today’s Society Today’s Society ‘s Society
    • 15. Slide12 Interaction Tools Unique Video Solutions Page 15 Scene Selection Scene Selection Leadership Trust Quiz Audio Free Text Question What is favorite sport? ? Submit Single Select Question What is favorite sport? ? Submit Football Basketball Tennis Multi Select Question What is favorite sport? ? Submit Football Basketball Tennis Fill In The Blank Question What is favorite sport? ? Submit Football Basketball Tennis
    • 16. Slide55 Interaction Tools Unique Video Solutions Page 16 Double Click for Publishers This is an adversiting. Actions (Pause, Play, Jump, Rewind) Chapter Lower Third HR Manager Rosa Lux Clickable Area Click here to download the document. Form Designer Name Surname E-mail Onayla * My Scene
    • 17. Slide13 Interactivity Tools Unique Video Solutions Page 17 Introduction Form Name Surname E-mail Terms and Conditions START * My Scene Dear attendee, This form is … Subtitle This is the subtitle of the speaker.
    • 18. Slide16 Examples Click to visit Click to visit Click to visit Click to visit Click to visit Click to visit Unique Video Solutions Page 18 Make Your Coffee Serdoo ChatBot Teaser Sale and Negotiation Time Thieves Medical Inhaler Choose Your Carpet
    • 19. Slide65 Interactive 360 - Degree Turn your 360° videos into interactive, gamified & enjoyable shows. Module 4 Unique Video Solutions Page 19
    • 20. Slide67 Cinema8 transform your 360° videos to interactive stories. Allows your audience to be a part of the journey who interact, discover, experience, touch the products to buy and more. Cinema8 360° interactive videos can use in sales, marketing, corporate communication, and training. 360° Interactive Video with Cinema8 Creative Studio Unique Video Solutions Page 20 Interaction Layer HTML5 Your 360° Video Online Video Platforms
    • 21. Slide63 Storyflow Create your story flow by connecting interactive videos and questions. Module 4 Unique Video Solutions Page 21
    • 22. Slide64 Create Fiction of Your Story Storyflow, basically is a tool that refers your goal and supplies you to make the plan of your fiction. Cinema8 Storyflow provides you to connect your interactive video projects with questions. So, it is a must while defining the steps of your interactive video. Unique Video Solutions Page 22
    • 23. Slide34 Enterprise Tube Publish your videos on your own corporate channel. Module 5 Unique Video Solutions Page 23
    • 24. Slide42 What Can I Do? •With the tube view, present the videos of your organization •Create channels & playlists •Make classifications like Most Viewed, Recently Added •Use the Like, Unlike and Vote features. •Users can login easily with their password. •Integrate all systems with Single-Sign-On. •Integrate with Enterprise Systems(SAP, Oracle, AD, LDAP, Custom HR Systems) With Cinema8 Tube Channel; Unique Video Solutions Page 24
    • 25. Slide43 Tube View Samples of Enterprise Tube Module Unique Video Solutions Page 25
    • 26. Slide35 Video Analytics Dive into most detailed insights of your videos. Module 6 Unique Video Solutions Page 26
    • 27. Slide44 What Can Video Analytics Module Provide? Gobito Cinema8 - Video Analytics offers: •View the Heat Maps •Get the usage reports •View completion analysis •Get device-based reports •Get browser-based reports •Get interaction reports in detail •Interest analysis •Manage all the processes easily Unique Video Solutions Page 27
    • 28. Slide46 Analytic Screens Home Page Unique Video Solutions Page 28
    • 29. Slide47 Analytic Screens Home Page Unique Video Solutions Page 29
    • 30. Slide48 Analytic Screens Home Page – Time Based View List Unique Video Solutions Page 30
    • 31. Slide49 Analytic Screens Video Details Unique Video Solutions Page 31
    • 32. Slide50 Analytic Screens Scene Reports– Scene Heatmap Unique Video Solutions Page 32
    • 33. Slide51 Analytic Screens Scene Reports– Interaction Tracks Unique Video Solutions Page 33
    • 34. Slide52 Analytic Screens Interaction– Question Reports Unique Video Solutions Page 34
    • 35. Slide53 Analytic Screens Interaction– Clickable Area Reports Unique Video Solutions Page 35
    • 36. Slide32 Live Streaming When ever you need, start live broadcasting easily Module 7 Unique Video Solutions Page 36
    • 37. Slide40 Live Streaming Made Easy •Start your live streaming instantly. •Enjoy uninterrupted broadcast , access from anywhere any device •Convert your recorded broadcasts into interactive video clips. •Use Cinema8 Advanced API’s and implement your live streaming apps easily. Unique Video Solutions Page 37
    • 38. Slide18 Use Cases Which use case are you interested in? Engage your audiences & get detailed insights from your learning videos Benefit from interactive video surveys and reports when you are hiring Create artful & gamified Video Stories Prepare gamified help videos for your customers Present your brand to your customers with gamified , personalized content.Create Video Surveys & interactive Product Catalogues Unique Video Solutions Page 38 Learning Art Sales & Marketing Support HR & Recruitment
    • 39. Slide58 Try Cinema8 for Free Would you like to try your own interactive video platform? As easy as winking. Just click the button and follow the instructions. Ask for Free Cinema8 Demo Account REGISTER Unique Video Solutions Page 39