Digital Storytelling Template- 2

    Published: July 20, 2018

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    Digital Storytelling Template- 2

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    • 2. Slide3 X X Next Back Education- E-learning Interactive videos are used daily in e- learning solutions to enhance student’s initial understanding and retention. Teachers like it, because it allows them to engage students and add a layer of resources and interactivity to any existing video. This creates a customized student-driven learning experience. Entertainment Create funny and personalized videos for your audiences.
    • 3. Slide4 X Next Back Storyboarding •Create Stunning stories with your interactive videos, •Place directions and links between your videos.
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    • 5. Slide6 X X Next Back Marketing - Product Brochure Interactive videos are revolutionizing product marketing. No more lengthy text product descriptions that bore potential customers. No more trying to puzzle piece together images with lists of features. Interactive videos allow you to combine ALL the necessary information your customers need in one captivating video. Streamx video enables marketers to showcase the look and feel of the product, while augmenting each product view or image with specs and even pricing information. CRM Create interactive, video based crm campaigns, don’t wait your next customer to click a link for contact you, let them dive into your videos and collect information while they are watching your video.
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