Online Education

    Published: July 30, 2018

    Online education is a form of education which is delivered and administered using the internet at anywhere / any time.


    Online Education

    • 1. Online Education  Online Education
    • 2. What Is It? What Is It?
    • 3. Slide3 Online education is a form of education which is delivered and administered using the internet at any where / any time.
    • 4. Why Online Education? Why Online Education?
    • 5. Slide8 ■ You can learn whatever you want! #interestedtowhat #wanttouwant
    • 6. Slide6 ■Lower costs #online programs are cheaper than traditional campus education.
    • 7. Slide9 ■Comfortable learning area #no physical class #no traffic #not required to be at a specific place
    • 8. Slide10 ■Flexibility #create your own schedule # home, work, the library, or anywhere they can access the Internet.
    • 9. Don’t be so shy! Don’t be so shy! ■Most of the time, the students can not talk at class because they are shy ■Online education help to shy student’s to improve speaking skills
    • 10. Slide11 ■Requires organization and self-discipline.
    • 11. Slide12 ■In the latest Global Shapers Survey of 25,000 young people from across the world, 77.84% of respondents reported having taken online courses in the past.
    • 12. Disadvantages of Online Education Disadvantages of Online Education
    • 13. Slide15 ■Spending more time studying and completing assignments.
    • 14. Slide16 ■Postpone; push it two hours Push it two days Push it two months Ohhh no! Exams is coming
    • 15. Slide17 ■ Time-management ■ Self-discipline
    • 16. Slide18 ■ Limited Social Interaction
    • 17. Online Education with Figures Online Education with Figures
    • 18. Slide20
    • 19. Slide21
    • 20. E-Learning Tools  E-Learning Tools
    • 21. Slide22 Interactive video is one of the most important tools to be used in online education. Interactive video is simply defined as; Interactive video (also known as "IV") is a type of digital video that supports user interaction. These videos play like regular video files, but include clickable areas, or "hotspots," that perform an action when you click on them. For example, when you click on a hotspot, the video may display information about the object you clicked on, jump to a different part of the video, or open another video file. Source: techterms
    • 22. Slide23 ■Interactive video tools are becoming more and more widespread. There are a lot of tools that are widely used today. Some of them are; Cinema8 Rapt Media WIREWAX HapYak
    • 23. Slide24 ■PowerPoint is also one of the online learning materials with PowerPoint, you can easily create e-learning courses. You can share content by converting it into HTML5 content. For this you can use converters like Wowslides.