The Best Way to Design Logo

    Published: August 03, 2018

    The purpose of a logo is to give a visual representation of your company brand.


    The Best Way to Design Logo

    • 1. the best way to design logo the best way to design logo
    • 2. Purpose of Logo Purpose of Logo
    • 3. Slide2 ◦The purpose of a logo is to give a visual representation of your company brand.
    • 4. Why Is It Important Why Is It Important ◦It’s; ØFirst Impressions ØReveals your identity ØFacilitates brand loyalty ØDistinguishes you from the competition ØInvites new customers to get to know you ?
    • 5. How Should It Be? How Should It Be? #unique #comprehensible #should help convey some information about the company #Set Yourself Apart
    • 6.            Design Tips Design Tips
    • 7. Slide7 vKnow Yourself oWho are you? oWhat are doing? oWhich sector? oWho are your competitors
    • 8. Slide8 ◦Why are we here? ◦What do we do, and how do we do it? ◦What makes us different?
    • 9. Slide11 ◦Who are we here for? ◦What do we value the most? ◦What’s our personality? ◦Recognize the target.
    • 10. Slide9 ◦Answer the questions ◦Take the road quietly.
    • 11. Slide10 ◦Choose your design style;
    • 12. Slide12 ◦Classic ◦Retro ◦Vintage ◦Modern ◦Minimalist ◦Fun
    • 13. Next step deiced to types; Next step deiced to types; ◦Words and Letters ◦Pictures and Symbols ◦Abstract Logo Marks ◦Mascots ◦The Combination Mark ◦The Emblem
    • 14. Slide14 Power of Colors
    • 15. Slide16 ◦A brand’s logo and visual identity will comprise a number of visual cues, such as shapes, symbols, number, and words. But the number one visual component that people remember most is color. In fact, color increases brand recognition by up to %80.
    • 16. Slide17 ◦Red – For Danger, Passion, Excitement & Energy ◦Orange – Fresh, Youthful, Creative & Adventurous ◦Yellow – Optimistic, Cheerful, Playful & Happy ◦Green – Natural, Vitality, Prestige & Wealth ◦Blue – Communicative, Trustworthy, Calming & Depressed ◦Black – Sophisticated, Formal, Luxurious & Sorrowful
    • 17. Now, you can create! Now, you can create!