You_Exec_-_Keynote_Presentation_-_Infographics-1 [Αυτόματη αποθήκευση]

    Published: June 27, 2019



    You_Exec_-_Keynote_Presentation_-_Infographics-1 [Αυτόματη αποθήκευση]

    • 1. Slide212 ‹#› Previous Next 45% Stage set-up tips 01. The physical set-up of your talk really matters. 02. The key is to have as few distractions on stage as possible. Lecterns Notes Teleprompters
    • 2. Slide213 ‹#› Previous Next Lectern? No Lectern? Connection Vulnerable Notes? Comfort Notes Distraction
    • 3. Slide201 ‹#› Previous Next Try to avoid using a lectern; if you need the feel of having a backup, place your notes on a lectern to the side or back of the stage. 89,000$ Per day Business Profit g b 25,000$ Per day Business Profit 31,000$ Per day Business Profit e 46,000$ Per day Business Profit d Stage Set-up Avoid lecterns.
    • 4. Slide202 ‹#› Previous Next Keep the stage clear It makes for a better connection with the audience If there’s no way you can talk without a lectern in front of you, make it the most unobtrusive one possible. Monica Lewinsky propped her notes on a music stand. Y Stick to paper!t Avoid using a tablet or smartphone— there’s too much distracting scrolling involved. Electronic? h Need a lectern? Keep it as small and unobtrusive as possible Minimal f In hand Have a series of small note cards in your hand, just make sure they are on a ring clip to keep them in order. Notes
    • 5. Slide203 ‹#› Previous Next Speak, don’t read Teleprompters and confidence screens detract from a delivered speech V 35% Teleprompters Ubiquitous in some places, they are more of a distraction than an aid ! 45% Be comfortable Whether you have notes in hand, confidence screens, or a minimal lectern—just be comfortable V 65% Confidence screens Can be useful if you just use them to show your slides, NOT your talk notes V 25% Avoid using teleprompters. There’s too much temptation to read.
    • 6. Slide204 ‹#› Previous Next Your voice can connect, engage, motivate, and excite your audience more powerfully than just the printed word. The speaker’s voice Turning information into inspiration l Volume No need to shout—the microphone hears all v Pacing Slow down for major points; speed up for lighter comments s Speak meaningfully Inject variety into your talk so that you communicate your passion for the subject. w Tone Show your passion; why does this topic matter? E Pitch Keep it varied, as in normal conversation 12 1 11 2 10 3 9 4 8 5 7 6
    • 7. Slide205 ‹#› Previous Next Don’t pace! Prowling around like a caged tiger is a distraction! Pause for effect If you do walk around, keep it varied; pause for effect at important points Sit if you want Some speakers sit on a stool or chair; whatever makes you most comfortable Walk around If it helps you to relax and focus, by all means walk the stage Hands Use your hands and arms to naturally amplify whatever you are saying Stand tall Own the stage; stand erect and confident F 03 h 02 04 T 05 P 06 E r 01
    • 8. Slide206 ‹#› Previous Next Speak naturally 01 Talk at a conversational pace. Don’t orate 02 You’re not Cicero, trying to reach the crowds in the Roman forum Use the microphone 03 Modern technology allows you to talk comfortably to the back of the room 130-170 That’s roughly the number of words per minute to aim for # Too slow You’ll lose the audience’s interest if you speak too slowly I Too fast Go too fast and the audience can’t follow your train of thought b Conversational Aim for a natural, conversational pace 0
    • 9. Slide207 ‹#› Previous Next Whether you use a lectern, memorize a script, or walk around the stage, the key thing to remember is to be yourself. Give your own presentation. // Don’t try to imitate someone else O Make this YOUR talk No-one else can deliver this talk, so be youself Q Use your body Move in the way that is best for you. A Use your passion Let it come through in how you speak and move G Be yourself If it’s natural for you to walk around, do it!
    • 10. Slide208 ‹#› Previous Next Innovative ideas Technology gives many options Images Ultra-wide panoramic screens Props Can add drama and interest Dance? John Bohannon used a dance troupe in a talk on superfluids Aromas Could be useful in a talk about food V P E &
    • 11. Slide209 ‹#› Previous Next Spoken word An innovative art form c Dual presenters Works best with good chemistry and much rehearsal l Music A soundtrack can enhance—just make sure it doesn’t distract ( Live interview Can work well with the right subject s