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    Published: September 27, 2018

    Why Haber Newspaper


    Haber Newspaper

    • 1. HABER HABER
    • 2.   -Turkish Newspaper -More than 1000 collect point -Weekly -15. year in UK
    • 3. ‘Turkish-speaking people’ ‘Turkish-speaking people’ -KURDS -TURKS -TURKISH CYPRIOTS
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    • 5. Population Population •It has been estimated that there are between 200,000 to 250,000 Turks and Kurds, and about the same number of Turkish Cypriots, in the U.K. •Trades in which Turkish speaking businesses are clustered are super markets, catering (restaurants, Kebab shops and cafes, bars) and wholesale.
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    • 7.        READING IN TURKISH READING IN TURKISH •It is estimated 75,000 Turkish people has dual citizenship •There are around 7,000 Turkish students coming to the UK each year. • There are more than 2 million British tourists visiting Turkey every year. • There are 25 Turkish and Kurdish Councilors on London’s Borough • 11 Turkish mosques in London, the Azizia Mosque is the oldest (1980’s), The Suleymaniye Mosque is newest Turkish mosques (early-1990s) • There are about 25 Turkish supplementary around London currently teaching around 3000 children.
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    • 9.     Turkish speaking market Turkish speaking market •As these early arrivals were joined by Turkish and Kurdish speakers from both Cyprus and Turkey, the community has grown dramatically in terms of both numbers and business activity. •10,000 Turkish-speaking businesses in London, • The major minority of the North London •The majority of businesses are in the catering trade. •Haber has developed a network of contacts in this sector and can assist in this process.
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    • 11.  ALSO ALSO • Accountancy practices • Law firms • Estate agents • Insurance brokers • Minicab • Drycleaners
    • 12.            BRITISH KEBAB BRITISH KEBAB •Hodja Nasrettin was the first doner kebab enterprise on record in the UK having opened on Newington Green in 1966 •Istanbul Restaurant, which served huge meat and meze platters to customers visiting the tiny establishment in Soho, central London, during the Second World War. •In the late of the 90s kebab became extremely popular and today you’ll find a doner stand in almost every single British town.
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    • 14. Slide17 •By the 1990s, just about every major town in the country could say it had a stand of their own. Many are in Britain’s most historical locations. •Stratford-upon-Avon •Blackpool •Scotland
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    • 16. The British Kebab & Retail Awards The British Kebab & Retail Awards •17,000 kebab shops •2,000 tonnes of lamb doner meat is produced by manufacturers in the UK every week •200 doner kebab manufacturers in the UK. •1.3 million portions of doner kebab being sold by static and mobile vendors every day • £2.8 billion
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    • 18. “Vegetarian aficionado of kebab shops, I hope I’m still welcome,” “Vegetarian aficionado of kebab shops, I hope I’m still welcome,”
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