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    • 2. BLACK PANTHER BLACK PANTHER DOOM’S DAY Tragedy recently struck when the Black Panther was severely injured in a fight with Doctor Doom. The Black Panther first met the X-Men’s Strom when both were young. Their royal wedding took place in Wakanda and many of their Super Hero friends attended.
    • 3. BLACK PANTHER BLACK PANTHER The Black Panther is a title given to the ruler of the African nation of Wakanda. In modern times, T’Challa was the Black Panther and took on the powers that go with the role. He travelled to America to see if the Super Heroes there could be a threat to his homeland but soon became allies with many of them, joining the Avengers and marrying Storm of the X-Men. T’Challa was recently injured while fighting Doctor Doom, so his sister, Shuri, took on the role for a while. VITAL STATS REAL NAME: T’Challa OCCUPATION: Ruler of Wakanda BASE: Wakanda HEIGHT: 6ft (1.82 m) WEIGHT 200 lbs (90,75 kg) EYES: Brown HAIR: Black ALLIES: Fantastic Four, Avengers, Illuminati FOES: Magneto, Doctor Doom, Man-Ape POWERS: T’Challa sense and athleticism are enhanced by mystical herbs that only a Black Panther is allowed to use. His suit contains the metal Vibranium which absorbs impact, making him bullet-proof. His hands and feet have Vibranium pads that allow him to climb walls with ease. He is also an expert warrior trained in all forms of combat.
    • 4. DORMAMMU DORMAMMU MAGICAL ENEMIES Dormammu has had countless battles with Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme and has a special hatred of Doctor Strange. Dormammu recently tried to kill a weakened Doctor Strange, but strangers teammates in the Avengers stopped him.
    • 5. DORMAMMU DORMAMMU Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark Dimension, has sought to take over Earth countless times. He once joined Loki in an attempt to get the magical object known as the Evil Eye, and the evil pair engineered a conflict between the Avengers and Defenders. Dormammu also gave the superpowered criminaş the Hood his own realm, but the day will surely come when Dormammu tries to invade Earth again. VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Dormammu OCCUPATION: Ruler of the Dark Dimension BASE: Dark Dimension HEIGHT: Varies depending on from 6 ft 1 in (1,85 m) in human form WEIGHT Variable EYES: Yellow (green in human from) HAIR: None (black in human form) ALLIES: Umar, the Mindless FOES: Doctor Voodoo, Doctor Strange, Avengers, Clea POWERS: One of the most powerful mystical creatures in the universe and a master of sorcery, Dormammu can teleport between dimensions, travel through time, perform telepathy, and alter his size or form at will.
    • 6. HAWKEYE HAWKEYE AIR ARCHEY Clint’s archery skills are often at their deadliest when combined with his amazing acrobatic prowess. Bullseye recently stole Hawkeye’s name and identity to join Norman Osborn’s Avengers. To move led to a Shadow with the enraged real Hawkeye.
    • 7. HAWKEYE HAWKEYE At age 14, Clint Barton Joined the circus and was taught to fight by Trickshot and the original Swordsman. He decided to become a hero after seeing Iron Man but was at first mistaken for a criminal. He became a real criminal to impress the Black Widow, then reformed and joined the Avengers as Hawkeye. He died defending Earth from the Kree, but was reborn when the Scarlet Witch remade reality, taking on the roles of Ronin, and then Hawkeye again. POWERS: Hawkeye is an expert archer, and he often employs a variety of trick arrows in addition to regular ones. His skills are enhanced by the extensive training in martial arts and acrobatics he underwent during his time in the circus. He is able to aim an arrow perfectly from any angle. VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Clinton " Clint" Barton OCCUPATION: Adventure BASE: New York City HEIGHT: 6ft 3in (1.90 m) WEIGHT 230 lbs (104,25 kg) EYES: Blue HAIR: Blond ALLIES: Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America FOES: Bullseye
    • 8. IRON PATRIOT IRON PATRIOT THE FALL OF OSBORN When the Iron Patriot attacked Asgard and failed, Osborn was revealed to be insane, and once again possessed by his Green Goblin persona. As the leader of his own controversial Avengers team, the Iron Patriot came into conflict with many other SuperHeroes, including the X-Men.
    • 9. IRON PATRIOT POWERS: The Iron Patriot armour provides Osborn with extra strength and speed but is not as powerful as many of Iron Man’s old suits because much of its advanced technology is missing. IRON PATRIOT Norman Osborn appeared to reform after being the Green Goblin, Spider-Man’s deadliest foe, for years. Tony Stark put him in charge of the government-sponsored group, the Thunderbolts. Osborn was successful and was hailed as a hero after killing Veranke, the Skrull Queen, but secretly remained dangerously untrustworthy. Finding Several sets of Iron Man’s armour he took the role of Iron Patriot and basks in the idea that people think he is a Super Hero. VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Norman Osborn OCCUPATION: Industrialist, criminal, a government agent BASE: Mobile HEIGHT: 5ft 11in (1.80 m) WEIGHT 185 lbs (84 kg) EYES: Blue HAIR: Reddish brown ALLIES: Victoria Hand, Moonstone FOES: Spider-Man Iron Man, Captain America
    • 10. MEPHISTO MEPHISTO DEMONIC SOULS Two of Mephisto’s soul fragments were the Scarlet Witch’s twin children. They were claimed by Master Pandemonium. Mephisto can alter reality itself. He once changed the World so that Mary Jane and Peter Parker (Spider-Man) had never been married, taking their love in return for saving Peter’s Aunt May.
    • 11. MEPHISTO POWERS: Mephisto is a shape-shifting supernatural being, and does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe. He is immune to ageing and disease. He can recreate reality, and he cannot be destroyed. MEPHISTO Mephisto is a demon of great power who bargains with people for their souls. Ruler of a dimension some would call Hell, he is especially fond of the souls of heroes and has tried many times to send the Silver Surfer to his doom. Exceptionally powerful, he can reshape history and reality at will but usually prefers to manipulate events and people from afar. VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Mephisto OCCUPATION: Lord of a Realm of Hell BASE: Hell HEIGHT: 6ft 6in (1.98 m) WEIGHT 310 lbs (140,5 kg) EYES: White, with no pupils (variable) HAIR: Black (variable) ALLIES: None only servants FOES: Silver Surfer
    • 12. RED SKULL  RED SKULL COSMIC CUBE The Red Skull once gained the Cosmic Cube, which gives its owner the power to change reality itself. After suffering Yet another defeat at the hands of Captain America, the Red Skull was believed to be dead. In reality, his mind had been placed into a robotic body created by his ally Arnim Zola.
    • 13. MEPHISTO POWERS: Mephisto is a shape-shifting supernatural being, and does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe. He is immune to ageing and disease. He can recreate reality, and he cannot be destroyed. MEPHISTO The Red Skull was Adolf Hitler’s right-hand man and the archenemy of Captain America. He was accidentally put in suspended animation near the end of World War II, but was later revived and continued his plans for world domination. At one point the Red Skull infiltrated the U.S. Government, unleashing a plague so he could take over the country. Fortunately, the Avengers stopped him. VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Johann Schmidt OCCUPATION: Would-be conqueror BASE: Mobile HEIGHT: 6ft 1in (1.85 m) WEIGHT 195 lbs (88,50 kg) EYES: Blue HAIR: None ALLIES: Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, Arnim Zola FOES: Captain America, Falcon, Avengers
    • 14. THANK YOU SOURCE: Marvel Avengers The Ultimate Character Guide Written by Alan Cowsill THANK YOU