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    • 2. BATMANTHE DARK KNİGHT BATMAN THE DARK KNİGHT When young Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed, he vowed to avenge their deaths as Batman. Also known as the Dark Knight, Batman often Works from the shadows, and many people believe he is just a legend. Along with his sidekick, Robin, Batman fights tirelessly to keep Gotham City’s streets free of crime. VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Bruce Wayne OCCUPATION: Hore HEIGHT: 6ft 2in WEIGHT 210 lbs BASE: Gotham City ALLIES: Robin, Batgirl, Justice League of America FOES: The Joker, Two-Face, The Penguin WELCOME TO THE BATCAVE The Batcave is a secret cave located beneath Batman’s home, Wayne Manor. It Houses a range of equipment and technology as well as trophies from Batman’s adventures. Among his keepsakes are the Joker’s playing card, a robot dinosaur, and a giant penny. POWERS: Batman is a master detective and one of the smartest men on the planet. He is also a skilled martial artist and is proficient in many different forms of hand-to-hand combat. Batman has created many bat-themed devices that he uses in his fight against crime, such as the Batarang and the Batcomputer.
    • 3. BATGIRLDARING DEFENDER BATGIRL DARING DEFENDER Although Stephanie Brown is the daughter of the villainous Cluemaster, she has not followed in his criminal footsteps. In fact, she has dedicated her life to stopping crime in all its forms as Batgirl. Trained by the Dark Knight himself, Batgirl uses an array of weapons to help protect gotham City. VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Stephanie Brown OCCUPATION: Hore HEIGHT: 5ft 5in WEIGHT 142 lbs BASE: Gotham City ALLIES: Batman, Oracle FOES: Roxy Rocket, Clarion SPOILER In a previous heroic identity as the spoiler, Stephanie often crossed paths with Tim Drake, now known as Red Robin. At first Tim felt Spoiler was a bit young and inexperienced, but the heroic pair soon developed a crush on one another. POWERS: Batgirl has been trained in martial arts, acrobatics, and street fighting. Her suit is lined with Kevlar to protect her against fire and electric shocks. She also has an array of gadgets at her disposal, including a collapsible bo staff, grappling hook, and Batarang similar to those used by Batman.
    • 4. ROBIN THE BOY WONDER VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Damian Wayne OCCUPATION: Hore HEIGHT: 5ft 2in WEIGHT 120 lbs BASE: Gotham City ALLIES: Batman, Teen Titans FOES: Ra’s al Ghul Damian Wayne was raised by assassins and trained from an early age to be a cold-hearted fighter. But he eventually rejected evil and donned a hero’s costume, becoming the newest Robin. Batman may find his new sidekick difficult to get along with, but Damian's passion is unmatched. ROBIN THE BOY WONDER TROUBLESOME TITAN Young Robin can be very forceful and is sometimes overconfident. In an effort to help himself adjust to a heroic life, Robin briefly joined the Teen Titans. The team tried their best to help Robin control his short temper, but the young hero saw himself as a superior team leader and wasn’t afraid to say so. POWERS: Robin has mastered a variety of martial arts despite his young age. He is an expert in hand-to hand combat, and is very agile due to his small size. Robin’s detective skills are strong, and he continues to learn additional skills and disciplines every day, although he can be incredibly impatient at times.
    • 5. ALFRED PENNYWORTHBUTLER TO BATMAN VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Alfred Pennyworth OCCUPATION: Butler HEIGHT: 6ft WEIGHT 160 lbs BASE: Wayne manor, Gotham City ALLIES: Batman, Robin FOES: The Joker, The Penguin KEEPER OF THE CAVE Trusty Alfred maintains Wayne Manor as well as the Batcave Batman’s high- tech hideout below the residence. During a recent absence by the Dark Knight, Alfred even led the heroic team called the Outsiders, sending them on covert missions across the globe. ALFRED PENNYWORTH BUTLER TO BATMAN Alfred Pennyworth has been the Wayne family’s trusted butler for many years. When young Bruce Wayne lost his parents, alfred helped the boy through his most difficult times. Later, Bruce became Batman, and Alfred remained not only his butler but also his advinsor, mentor, and friend. POWERS: Alfred has assisted Batman on many cases, using his acting ability as well as various disguises to impersonate people. He is skilled in many different fighting techniques, and has a vast knowledge of medicine which he uses to treat Batman’s injuries. Alfred is also a superb chef and of course, the perfect butler!
    • 6. CATWOMANFELINE FEMME FATALE  VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Selina Kyle OCCUPATION: Thief, Vigilante HEIGHT: 5ft 7in WEIGHT 133 lbs BASE: Gotham City ALLIES: Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn FOES: Batman, Robin CATWOMAN FELINE FEMME FATALE Catwoman is a master thief and cat burglar who prowls the rooftops of Gotham City looking for her next big catch. Though she may be a criminal, Catwoman has always had ana uneasy friendship with Batman. She is one of the few people who know his identity, and has even aided him on several cases. TROUBLESOME TITAN Young Robin can be very forceful and is sometimes overconfident. In an effort to help himself adjust to a heroic life, Robin briefly joined the Teen Titans. The team tried their best to help Robin control his short temper, but the young hero saw himself as a superior team leader and wasn’t afraid to say so. POWERS: Catwoman is an Olympic-level acrobat and has learned many different fighting techniques. She’s studied boing with Wildcatand street fighting with investigator Slam Bradley. She’s even picked up some detective tricks from Batman over the years. The bullwhip and cat o’ nine tails are her weapons of choice.
    • 7. CYBORGMETAL MAN CYBORG METAL MAN Victor Stones was an athlete with a bright future, until an accident at his father’s laboratory injured him. In order to save his son, Victor’s father created experimental cybernetic parts that gave Vic special abilities. Despite his astonishing gifts, Cyborg sometimes feels as if his metal body is a prison. VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Victor Stone OCCUPATION: Hero HEIGHT: 6ft 6in WEIGHT 340 lbs BASE: Mobile ALLIES: Teen Titans, Justice league of America FOES: Fearsome Five ALIEN UPGRADE When Cyborg’s body was upgraded by the alien Technis he became a cold, emotionless robot. Beast Boy Helped him regain his humanity by placing him inside a suit called the Omegadrome, which turned him gold and allowed him to morph into a variety of weapons. POWERS: Cyborg’s cybernetic body protects him from harm and gives him süper-strength, speed, and stamina. He has many weapons at his disposal, including a sonic disruptor designed to throw his enemies off balance. Cyborg is also a brilliant scientist and skilled hand-to-hand fighter.
    • 8. BLUE BEETLEINSECTOID PROTECTOR VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Jaime Reyes OCCUPATION: High School Student, Hero HEIGHT: 5ft 8in WEIGHT 145 lbs BASE: El Paso ALLIES: Ocan Master, Secret Society FOES: La Dama, Eclipso BLUE BEETLE INSECTOID PROTECTOR Teenager Jaime Reyes lived a quiet life in El Paso, Texas, Until the day he found an alien device. The insect- shaped artifact transformed him overnight into the amazing Blue Beetle! Jaime got a crash course in how to be a hero when he teamed up with the Justice League to battle the evil Maxwell Lord. ALIEN ARSENAL The Blue Beetle armor can generate an array of high-powered weapons for Jaime to use in battle. Jaime is still learning to control his newfound abilities, but he’s lucky to have heroic mentors in the Justice League and the Teen Titans. POWERS: Blue Beetle’s Powers come from a beetle-shaped device called a scarab which fell to Earth from space. When danger threatens, the scarab emerges from Jaime’s spine and encases him in a suit of indestructible metal armor. The armor also generates weapons and allows Jaime’s to fly and shoot laser beams.
    • 9. SUPERMANMAN OF STEEL VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Kal-El/Clark Kent OCCUPATION: Reporter, Hero HEIGHT: 6ft 3in WEIGHT 235 lbs BASE: Metropolis ALLIES: Supergirl, Justice League of America FOES: Lex Luthor, Brainiac SUPERMAN MAN OF STEEL When the planet Krypton was destroyed, a baby called Kal-El was rocketed to Earth. He was raised in Smallville as Clark Kent until his destiny by becoming Superman, Legendary defender of Metropolis, where he uses his Powers to fight relentlessly for justice. MEET CLARK KENT Upon arriving in Metropolis, Superman Found Friendship with the staff of the Daily Planet newspaper. In order to protect his secret identity as Clark Kent, Superman wore glasses, changed his posture, and spoke differently, which was enough to fool those around him. POWERS: The Light of Earth’s yellow sun grants Superman many different Powers including invulnerability, super-strength, süper-speed, and flight. Superman also has heightened senses as well as heat vision, x-ray vision, and freezing breath. As Clark Kent, he has a writer’s instinct and a keen eye for storytelling.
    • 10. WONDER WOMANAMAZON PRINCESS VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Diana Prince OCCUPATION: Ambassador of Peace HEIGHT: 6ft WEIGHT 165 lbs BASE: Themyscira ALLIES: Wonder Girl, Donna Troy FOES: Circe, Ares, Cheetah WONDER WOMAN AMAZON PRINCESS Wonder Woman was sculpted from the magical clay of the island Themyscira and given life by the Gods of Olympus. She’s an ambassador of peace and justice in the Modern World but often has to put her warrior training to good use. Wonder Woman is a founding member of the Justice League of America. CHAMPION OF FREEDOM Diana became Wonder Woman after her mother held a contest of skill to choose an Amazonian ambassador to send to the outside World. Though Diana was forbidden to participate, she disguised herself and ultimately won the contest much to her mother’s frustration. POWERS: Wonder Woman has super- strength, super-speed, and a healing factor which protects her from harm. As an Amazon warrior, she has trained in multiple forms of hand-to-hand combat. Wonder Woman also possesses the power to communicate with nature and to empathize with animals.
    • 11. THE JOKERCLOWN PRINCE OF CRIME  VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Unknown OCCUPATION: Villain HEIGHT: 6ft 5in WEIGHT 192 lbs BASE: Gotham City ALLIES: Harley Quinn FOES: Batman THE JOKER CLOWN PRINCE OF CRIME The Joker is a crayz criminal mastermid with a horrific, clown-like appearance. But there’s nothing funny abouth the Joker’s cruel and dangerous pranks. He blames Batman for his ghoulish look and vows to destroy the Dark Knight. THE RED HOOD The Joker was once a small-time criminal known as the Red Hood. While being chased by Batman, the Red Hood slipped and fell into a vat of chemical acid. He emerged horribly changed, with stark white skin, green hair, a ghoulish grin, a crayz laugh- and a desire to get even with Batman POWERS: The Joker’s favorite weapon is his poisonous Joker Venom, which leaves his victimes with a ghastly smile frozen on their faces. Over time, the Joker has bulit up immunity to his own venom and is resistant to pain. He is an average fighter, but likes to use a range of weapons, including a deadly flower.
    • 12. HARLEY QUINNTHE JOKER’S GIRLFIREND VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Doctor Harleen Quinzel OCCUPATION: Criminal HEIGHT: 5ft 7in WEIGHT 140 lbs BASE: Gotham City ALLIES: The Joker, Poison Ivy FOES: Batman, Robin Harley Quinn was once the Joker’s therapist-now she’s his devoted girlfirend! She helps the grinning madman plan his most diabolical schemes. The Joker often dismisses her affections, but Harley continues to adore her " Mister J. " Recently, she has found friendship with fellow villains poison Ivy and Catwoman. HARLEY QUINN THE JOKER’S GIRLFIREND MAD LOVE Harley Quinn was a respected doctor, helping to rehabilitate Gotham City’s worst criminals. She never imagined that she would fall for one of them! However, after spending time with the Joker, she became drawn into his insane World and decided to join him in his life of crime. POWERS: Harley is a gifted acrobat whose abilities have been enhanced by one of Poison Ivy’s herbal remedies. She is an average fighter whose bag of tricks contains a variety of joke-themed weapons, such as a pop-gun and oversized mallet. Though Harley was a therapist, she has become dangerously unbalanced.
    • 13. JIM GORDONCOMMITTED COMMISSIONER VITAL STATS REAL NAME: James W. Gordon OCCUPATION: Gotham City Police Commissioner HEIGHT: 5ft 9in WEIGHT 168 lbs BASE: Gotham City ALLIES: Batman, Robin FOES: The Joker, Two-Face FRIEND OF THE BAT: Although he was initially wary of Batman, Commissioner Gordon grew to respect him. He sees the difference the Dark Knight makes to the people of Gotham City. Gordon often defends Batman to his colleagues in the police department, who are sometimes sceptical. JIM GORDON COMMITTED COMMISSIONER Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon has been a trusted friend to Batman since both men began their crime-fighting careers. Jim is a respected member of the force and knows he can rely on his fellow officers and Batman to help protect the city they all love so much. POWERS: Jim Gordon is one of the most dedicated members of the Gotham City Police Department. He is a highly skilled detective and an expert criminologist. Jim’s poliçe trainig has also made him an above –average hand-to- hand fighter, and he’s known for his fierce left hook. He also carries a gun to protect himself
    • 14. THANK YOU  THANK YOU SOURCE: Dc Comıcs Dc Ultımate Character Guıde Written by Brandon T. Sinder