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    • 2. GREEN ARROWEMERALD ARCHER VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Oliver Jonas Queen OCCUPATION: Adventurer, Hero HEIGHT: 5ft 11in WEIGHT 185 lbs BASE: Mobile ALLIES: Black Canary, Green Lantern FOES: Merlyn, Shado WEDDING NIGHTMARE Green Arrow and Black Canary planned a peaceful wedding, but things didn’t quite go to plan. First their nuptials were interrupted by an attack from the Injustice League. The, during their honeymoon , the groom was revealed to be a villain called Everyman in disguise. GREEN ARROW EMERALD ARCHER Millionaire playboy Oliver Queen had it all until the day his boat crashed on a desert island, leaving him stranded. In order to survive him stranded. In Order survive, Oliver had to hunt. He used objects he found in the jungle to make a bow and taught himself archery. Now back on U.S. Soil, Oliver uses his skills as the hotshot hero Green Arrow. POWERS: Green Arrow is a World-class archer and uses a variety of archery equipment. His special weapons include explosive arrows, smoke arrows, and knockout arrows. He has also been known to use the occasional boxing glove arrow. Green Arrow is a superior hand-to-hand combatant and Streetfighter.
    • 3. THE FLASH SCARLET SPEEDSTER VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Bartholomew "Barry" Allen OCCUPATION: Police Scientist, Hero HEIGHT: 5ft 11in WEIGHT 179 lbs BASE: Central City ALLIES: Green Lantern, Justice League of America FOES: The Rogues, Gorilla Grodd THE FLASH’S RING As a busy scientist in the Central City Police Department, the Flash is always ready when evil strikes. He wears a spring- loaded ring which, when opened, releases his costume in an instant. The costume is made of pure energy created by the Speed Force THE FLASH SCARLET SPEEDSTER When police scientist Barry Allen was doused with spilt chemicals, he became the Flash the fastest man alive. Far from speedy himself, Barry has a hard time juggling the demands of his police job with his life as a hero. But while Barry may often show up late, the Flash is always right on time! POWERS: When Barry became the Flash, an extra-dimensional energy called the Speed Force was creted. This allows the Flash to run at light speed and vibate through solid objects, causing them to explode. The Flash can also lend his speed to other people. As Barry Allen, He’s an expert scientist and criminologist.
    • 4. GREEN LANTERNEMERALD KNIGHT VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Hal Jordan OCCUPATION: Pilot, Hero HEIGHT: 6ft 2in WEIGHT 186 lbs BASE: Coast City ALLIES: Green Arrow, The Flash FOES: SİNESTRO, Hector Hammond ABIN SUR Hal Jordan was given his Green Lantern ring by Corps member Abin Sur, who had crash-landed his spaceship on Earth while investigating a prophecy about the end of the most respected members of the Corps, Hal knew he had big shoes to fill. POWERS: Hal’s Green Lantern ring can create hard-light energy constructs (solid forms made of light) in any shape he can imagine. The ring is also useful for space travel as it can double as a mad and universal translator, but it must be recharged using a lantern-shaped battery. Hal is also a skilled athlete and fighter. GREEN LANTERN EMERALD KNIGHT Cocky test pilot Hal Jordan never played by the rules. Then a dying alien gave him a special ring-and a new sense of duty. Hal became Earth’s Green Lantern, a member of the interstellar police force. He’s now committed to protecting the universe, though he often clashes with his Guardian bosses.
    • 5. DEADSHOTARMED FOR TERROR VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Floyd Lawton OCCUPATION: Mercenary HEIGHT: 6ft 1in WEIGHT 193 lbs BASE: Mobile ALLIES: Secret Six FOES: Batman DEADSHOT ARMED FOR TERROR Deadshot is the world’s best marksman-there’s no target this masked villain can’t hit! As a young boy, Floyd Lawton saw his family ripped apart by anger and hatred. Violence was all he knew, and it turned him into a cold, heartless killer. Deadshot will hunt down anyone-for the right price. FRIENDS AND ENEMIES Deadshot is primarily known as a lone marksman but has recently aligned with the Secret Six-a team of criminals. Though he sticks with the team for business reasons, Deadshot often finds himself at odds with fellow member Catman, whom he considers his rival. POWERS: Deadshot has perfect aim and can hit a target from great distances. He is not afraid of death and will take risks that many others won’t. Deadshot is also an above- average hand-to-hand fighter and possesses knowledge of a variety of different guns. His wrist gauntlets fire small but powerful bullets.
    • 6. RED HOODROBİN-GONE-WRONG VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Jason Tood OCCUPATION: Villain HEIGHT: 6ft WEIGHT 190 lbs BASE: Gotham City ALLIES: Scarlett FOES: Batman, Nightwing ReBorn As Robin, Jason Todd died in an explosion, leaving Batman devastated. Jason was thought to be dead for many years, but returned to life after a huge cosmic event altered reality. When Batman and Jason were reunited in Gotham City, the Dark Knight was shocked to learn that his former ally had turned to evil. RED HOOD ROBİN-GONE-WRONG Jason Todd began his career as Batman’s heroic apprentice, the second Robin, but after a series of terrible events ,he now operates as the villainous Red Hood. The Red Hood blames Batman for the tragedies in his life, and he now wreaks havoc upon Gotham City as he seeks revenge against the Dark Knight. POWERS: Red Hood is a fierce hand-to-hand combatant who has mastered many different fighting techniques. He is also a skilled gymnast and acrobat. Red Hood is a devious manipülatör who enjoys pitting his fellow villains againts one another, espercially if the end result is the destruction of Batman.
    • 7. AQUAMANKING OF THE SEAS VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Arthur Curry, Orin OCCUPATION: King, Hero HEIGHT: 6ft 1in WEIGHT 225 lbs BASE: Atlantis ALLIES: Mera, Aqualad FOES: Black Manta, Ocean Master POWER COUPLE Aquaman’s wife, Queen Mera, is from Xebel, the world of exiledAtlanteans. She was originally sent by her father, the ruler of Xebel, to kill the King of the Seas. Instead, Mera fell deeply in love with Aquaman and remained in Atlantis as his wife. POWERS: Aquaman uses his gills to breathe underwater, and can also communicate telepathically with all forms of sea life. He has incredible strength and can swim at very high speeds. Thanks to his colleagues in the Justice League, Aquaman has also learned many different fighting skills. AQUAMAN KING OF THE SEAS Aquaman was abandoned by his parents and raised by a lighthouse keeper, not knowing where he really came from. After discovering that he was from the underwater city of Atlantis, Aquaman returned to his home as a hero. Recognized to be of royal blood, he now defends the city as its proud king.
    • 8. BLACK MANTAMARINE MARAUDER VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Unrevealed OCCUPATION: Villain HEIGHT: 6ft 4in WEIGHT 250 lbs BASE: Devil’s Deep ALLIES: Ocean Master, Secret Society FOES: Aquaman, Aqualad DANGER IN THE DEPTHS As a young boy, Black Manta was without friends and family, adrift in the world. He became obsessed with Aquaman and envious of his power as the leader of Atlantis. Black Manta decided that one day he’d seize that power for himself by force if necessary. POWERS: Black Manta is an above-average fighter who also has slightly above-average strength. He wears a special wetsuit that protects him from harm, and the red lenses on his helmet are capable of firing Energy blasts. He also carries a weapon that he uses to fire bolts of energy. BLACK MANTA MARINE MARAUDER Black Manta is the menacing and devious archenemy of Aquaman. Not Much is known about him except that he wants to dominate the ocean and he will not hesitate to demolish anyone who stands in his way. Black Manta’s anger is targeted at the King of the Seas, whom he has vowed to destroy.
    • 9. DEADTHSTROKETHE TERMINATOR VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Slade Wilson OCCUPATION: Villain HEIGHT: 6ft 4in WEIGHT 225 lbs BASE: Mobile ALLIES: Secret Society of Super- Villains FOES: Teen Titans RAVAGER When Deathstroke lost his son in battle, the villain vowed never to involve his children in his affairs again. He later went back on his vow and trained his daughter Rose to become Ravanger. She soon defied her father’s control and joined the Teen Titans as a hero. POWERS: Deathstroke can use over %90 of his brain capacity, making him incredibly intelligent and methodical. His body has been changed by the super-soldier serum, so he has superhuman strength,senses, and reflexes. Despite being blind in one eye, Deathstroke is a top fighter who can use a variety of weapons DEADTHSTROKE THE TERMINATOR He was once Army Major Slade Wilson until a secret experiment turned him into a super-soldier. The process left him unstable and now he’s Deathstroke, an international assassin-for-hire. Cold, calculating, and ruthless, Deathstroke also seeks vengeance against those who have targeted his family.
    • 10. HUSHA FRIEND FOR NEVER VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Doctor Thomas Tommy Elliot OCCUPATION: Villain HEIGHT: 6ft 1in WEIGHT 200 lbs BASE: Gotham City ALLIES: The Riddler FOES: Batman, Catwoman CHILDHOOD FRIENDS Tommy Elliot reappeared in Bruce Wayne’s life after many years. He seemed to be a friend but after learning of Bruce’s secret life as Batman, Elliot began plotting the Hush identity, elliot employed Gotham City’s worst criminals to take down Dark Knight. POWERS: Hush’s obsession with beating Batman drove him to become the best at everything. He used his geart wealth to pay for training in many different skills, and is now a world-class fighter and expert marksman. He also has a brilliant tactical mind. Hush’s alter-ego, Doctor Tommy Elliot,is an exceptional surgeon. HUSH A FRIEND FOR NEVER Hush is a cold-blooded villain bent on destroying Batman’s life. But it was not always that way. As children, Tommy Elliot and Bruce Wayne were best friends, until a terrible accident drove them apart. As an adult, Hush blames the Dark Knight for his misfortune and the two are now bitter enemies.
    • 11. AZRAELAVENGING ANGEL VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Michael Washington Lane OCCUPATION: Police Officer, Vigilante HEIGHT: 6ft WEIGHT 175 lbs BASE: Gotham City ALLIES: Batman FOES: Talia al Ghul AGENT OF THE BAT Before Michael, there was another hero named Azrael. He was Jean- Paul Valley, a man who worked with Batman on a case and trained with him for a time. This Azreal even stepped in to protect Gotham City when the Dark Knight was out of action after Bane broke his back. AZRAEL AVENGING ANGEL Azrael is the name of the man chosen to protect the ancient religious sect known as the Order of Purity. He has battled the forces of evil for Sorrows, a set of mystical chain mail armour. Now operating out of Gotham City, Azreal assists Batman in his war on crime. POWERS: The Suit of Sorrows grants its wearer incredible strength and speed, but it is very dangerous. If the wearer’s soul is not pure, the suit will drive him insane. Azrael himself has to fight to keep his sanity. Police training in the Gotham City Police Department, has made Azreal a skilled hand- to-hand fighter.
    • 12. BEAST BOYCHANGELING CHALLENGER VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Garfield gar Logan OCCUPATION: Hero HEIGHT: 5ft 8in WEIGHT 150 lbs BASE: San Francisco ALLIES: Teen Titans, Doom Patrol FOES: Fearsome Five, Brother Blood CONTROLLING THE BEAST Beast Boy is normally a fun- loving party guy, but in his animal form, he can develop a ferocious streak when his friends are in danger. Thankfully, his fellow Teen Titans have always been able to bring Beast Boy back from the brink before he loses control completely. BEAST BOY CHANGELING CHALLENGER Treatment for a rare tropical disease gave Gar Logan green skin and the ability to morph into any animal. As Beast Boy, he has turned his misfortune into a career as a hero. He may crack jokes on the battlefield, but Beast Boy is serious about his role. To his teammates, he is the heart and soul of the Teen Titans. POWERS: Beast Boy can change his shape into that of any beast he can imagine even extinct animals like dinosaurs. He often has been known to torment his teammates as a monkey. In his human form, Beast Boy is a good fighter but prefers to defend himself with his charm and wit.
    • 13. DOCTOR FATEMYSTIC MAVEN VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Doctor Kent V. Nelson OCCUPATION: Sorcerer HEIGHT: 6ft WEIGHT 180 lbs BASE: Mobile ALLIES: Justice Society of America FOES: Wotan FATE’S TOWER The Tower of Fate is where Doctor Fate keeps all the magical talismans and artifacts that he’s collected through the millennia. As a safe haven between realms, the inside of the tower rests in another dimension and only a select few are granted entry. DOCTOR FATE MYSTIC MAVEN Doctor Kent Nelson was Down on his luck, and was looking for something to help him get his life back together. Suddenly a mysterious helmet appeared. Kent put it on and was transformed into Doctor Fate, protector of Order and Chaos. Now that he’s found his purpose in life, Kent makes his own luck. POWERS: Doctor Fate is guided by the voice of the sorcerer Nabu, whom he can hear through his mystical helmet. Though Nabu is wise, he has his own agenda and sometimes leads Doctor Fate into danger. Doctor Fate is an excellent spell-caster and can Project intense energy bolts shaped like Egyptian ankhs.
    • 14. FIRESTORM THE NUCLEAR MAN VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Ronald Ronnie Raymond / Jason Rusch OCCUPATION: Hero HEIGHT: 6ft 1in (Raymond)/ 5ft 10in (Rusch) WEIGHT 179 lbs (Raymond)/ 165 lbs (Rusch) BASE: Mobile ALLIES: Firehawk, The Atom FOES: Killer Frost, Black Bison FIRE ELEMANTAL Professor Stein knows how hard life is for Ronnie and Jason because he was once Firestorm himself. As a fiery spirit called an elemental, he roamed space until driven mad by his own power. Stein was then freed from his elemental from and returned to Earth a normal man. FIRESTORM THE NUCLEAR MAN When college jock Ronnie Raymond and teenager Jason Rusch concentrate, they fuse together into the hero known as Firestorm. At times, Ronnie and Jason have trouble getting along. Thankfully, they’re aided by Professor Martin Stein, who helps them learn how to control their power and their tempers! POWERS: Firestorm uses his atomic power to rearrange the composition of inorganic matter, changing it into whatever he wants. He can turn simple objects into much bigger objects. His power doesn’t work on anything living. Firestorm can also produce fiery bolts of atomic energy, and he has the power of flight.
    • 15. THANK YOU  THANK YOU SOURCE: Dc Comıcs Dc Ultımate Character Guıde Written by Brandon T. Sinder