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    • 2. KID FLASHSUPER STREAK KID FLASH SUPER STREAK Super-speed made baby Bart Allen grow too quickly, and his family took him from the future to the present to find a cure. Bart was lucky. His growth was slowed but not his speed, and he became Kid Flash. Bart is full of curiosity about the World around him and loves spending time with his friends, the Teen Titans. VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Bart Allen OCCUPATION: Hore HEIGHT: 5ft 7in WEIGHT: 145 lbs BASE: San Francisco, Keystone City ALLIES: The Flash, Teen Titans, Superboy FOES: The Rogues, Inertia
    • 3. KID FLASHSUPER STREAK KID FLASH SUPER STREAK POWERS: Kid Flash gets his power from the Speed Force, a powerful energy source that fuels all speedsters. He has yet to master his full abilities, but can run at super-speed, vibrate through solid objects, and create whirlwinds. Kid Flash has a thirst for Knowledge and reads as many books as he can get his hands on MAX MERCURY When Bart Allen First came to our time period he was taken in by Max Mercury, the oldest member of the Flash family and the very first speedster. Bart’s impatience made him difficult to train, but Max was him difficult to train, but Max was always supportive and encouraging
    • 4. LIBERTY BELLEFREEDOM’S FURY LIBERTY BELLE FREEDOM’S FURY Jesse Chambers grew up in the shadow of her heroic parents, the original Liberty Belle and Jhonny Quick. Choosing to honour their legacy, Jesse became a hero and fought alongside the Flash. Now going by the name Liberty Belle, in tribute to her mother, Jesse joined the famous Justice Society of America. VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Jesse Belle Chambers OCCUPATION: Hore HEIGHT: 5ft 9in WEIGHT: 142 lbs BASE: Mobile ALLIES: The Flash, Justice Society of America FOES: Savitar, Icicle
    • 5. LIBERTY BELLEFREEDOM’S FURY LIBERTY BELLE FREEDOM’S FURY POWERS: When Liberty Belle recites the Formula "3x2(9YZ)4A ", it gives her super-speed and agility, just as it did her father, Johnny Quick. Liberty Belle has slightly above-average strength and is a skilled fighter and martial artist. In her secret identity, she’s also a smart businesswoman and innovator SUPER COUPLE Liberty Belle is happily married to her Justice Society teammate, Hourman. Together they’re the most famous couple in the super hero business. When the JSA was divided into different teams, Liberty Belle and Hourman made their marriage work, despite working apart.
    • 6. MAD HATTER FAIRYTALE FIEND VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Jervis Tetch OCCUPATION: Villain HEIGHT: 4ft 8in WEIGHT: 149 lbs BASE: Gotham City ALLIES: Secret Six, Doctor Pyscho FOES: Batman, Robin The Mad Hatter is one of the most dangerous criminals in Gotham City. He and his Wonderland Gang often torment Batman with their fairytale- based crimes. But there’s never a happy ending for Hatter. He always ends up in Arkham Asylum, Gotham’s hospital for the criminally insane. MAD HATTER FAIRYTALE FIEND
    • 7. MAD HATTER FAIRYTALE FIEND POWERS: Mad Hatter is a master hypnotist who uses his skills to invade people’s minds. Hatter uses chemicals and electronics, disguised within special hosts, to control his victims. Because of his short stature, the Mad Hatter is not a very good fighter and prefers to have his minions do his fighting for him. MAD HATTER FAIRYTALE FIEND BETRAYED BY THE SIX The Mad Hatter was recruited by the group of criminals known as the Secret Six because of his ability to manipulate minds. However, he was later betrayed by his teammate Ragdoll, who pushed him off a rooftop. Hatter vowed to destroy the Six but has yet to see his vengeance realized.
    • 8. MISTER MIRACLETHE WORLD’S GREATEST ESCAPE ARTIST VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Alfred Pennyworth OCCUPATION: Butler HEIGHT: 6ft WEIGHT: 160 lbs BASE: Wayne manor, Gotham City ALLIES: Batman, Robin FOES: The Joker, The Penguin MISTER MIRACLE THE WORLD’S GREATEST ESCAPE ARTIST Mister Miracle was raised in the firepits of the planet Apokolips but eventually escaped and fled to New Genesis, where he joined the benevolent New Gods. Later, Miracle and his wife, Big Barda, made their home on Earth where Miracle often serves with the Justice League of America.
    • 9. MISTER MIRACLETHE WORLD’S GREATEST ESCAPE ARTIST GREAT ESCAPES When Scott Free first came to Earth, he joined the circus. His trainer was an escape artist called Thaddeus Brown who performed under the stage name Mister Miracle. Later, Scott would take his mentor’s name and use his skills as an escape artist to fight against evil. MISTER MIRACLE THE WORLD’S GREATEST ESCAPE ARTIST POWERS: Mister Miracle is a master escape artist and there’s no trap that can hold him. He’s also an exceptional athlete and hand-to-hand fighter. As a genius inventor, Mister Miracle has created a variety of complicated weapons, among them his multi-cube which fires laser beams and sonic blasts.
    • 10. MISTER TERRIFICTHE SMARTEST MAN ON EARTH VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Michael Holt OCCUPATION: Hero HEIGHT: 6ft 2in WEIGHT: 215 lbs BASE: New York City ALLIES: Justice Society of America, Checkmate FOES: Roulette, Amanda Waller MISTER TERRIFIC THE SMARTEST MAN ON EARTH Michael Holt was the best at everything: the best student, the best Olympic athlete, and the best husband. After a freak accident took his wife, Michael decided to become the best hero he could be. As Mister Terrific, he has devoted his life to the pursuit of justice and the principle of equality for all.
    • 11. MISTER TERRIFICTHE SMARTEST MAN ON EARTH MISTER TERRIFIC THE SMARTEST MAN ON EARTH POWERS: Mister Terrific is a genius who has mastered various maths, sciences, and languages. He is an excellent athlete and is always in peak physical condition thanks to his intense Olympic training. Mister Terrific is alsı a skilled fighter and is skilled in many martial arts. T-SPHERES Mister Terrific invented a device called a T-Sphere which can create holograms, Project beams of light, and enable long distance communication. It can also gather information and spy on Mister Terrific’s enemies. Terrific has many T-Spheres, and often sends them on multiple missions at once.
    • 12. RED TORNADOCRIMSON WHIRLWIND VITAL STATS REAL NAME: John Smith OCCUPATION: Hero HEIGHT: 6ft 1in WEIGHT: 325 lbs BASE: Mobile ALLIES: Justice League of America FOES: T.O. Morrow RED TORNADO CRIMSON WHIRLWIND The Red Tornado is an android who was created by the mad scientist T.O. Morrow as a weapon against the Justice League of America. But Tornado has a mind of his own, and he went against his programming. He befriended the justice League and became a committed team member.
    • 13. RED TORNADOCRIMSON WHIRLWIND RED TORNADO CRIMSON WHIRLWIND POWERS: Red Tornado’s android body houses a powerful elemental force which gives him the ability to create cyclones, fly, and shoot blasts of wind. His winds can also act as a force field and deflect attacks. Red Tornado’s body has been rebuilt many times, growing stronger with each new upgrade. FAMILY MAN Despite being an android, Red Tornado has found love and acceptance with his wife, Kathy, and daughter, Tarya. They cherish their time with Red Tornado but worry when he is on JLA missions.
    • 14. WILDCATLEGEND IN THE RING VITAL STATS REAL NAME: Ted Grant OCCUPATION: Boxer, Hero HEIGHT: 6ft 5in WEIGHT: 250 lbs BASE: New York City ALLIES: Justice Society of America FOES: Golden Wasp WILDCAT LEGEND IN THE RING Ted Grant was a prize-winning boxer who was framed for a crime he didn’t commit. So Ted donned a costume, adopted the persona of Wildcat, and joined the Justice Society of America where he was able to clear his name. Wildcat uses his expert combat knowledge to train the next generation of heroes
    • 15. WILDCATLEGEND IN THE RING WILDCAT LEGEND IN THE RING POWERS: Wildcat is highly skilled in almost all forms of hand-to-hand combat, though he prefers simple Street-fighting in battle. He also has above-average strength and durability, having seen his fair share of action in the boxing ring. Wildcat recently discovered that he has mysteriously acquired nine lives. HERO TRAINER Over the years, Wildcat has trained heroes like Batman and Huntress, and he enjoys giving them tips on how to beat their opponents. Wildcat’s fighting style is unmatched. Even his superpowered teammates in the JSA find it difficult to go toe-to-toe with him in the boxing ring!
    • 16. THANK YOU  THANK YOU SOURCE: Dc Comıcs Dc Ultımate Character Guıde Written by Brandon T. Sinder