Gobito Digital - 062018

    Published: June 04, 2018

    The video & edtech company whose vision is to deliver innovative software solutions with a creative team who has extensive experience in the IT industry.


    Gobito Digital - 062018

    • 2. Slide2 “Our vision is to deliver innovative software solutions with a creative team who has extensive experience in the IT industry.” Gobito has been established in 2008, in Manchester- Daresburry Science and Innovation Center.We are currently operating in Manchester , London , San Francisco & Istanbul Offices. With Experienced pioneering engineers , we offer a wide range of 'off the shelf' and bespoke developments, Research & Development projects, Software Solutions and Web Application products: vVideo Technologies & Interactive Video Platforms vVideo AI & Deep Learning Technologies vLearning Experience , Social & Mobile Learning Platforms vSlide Sharing & e-Learning Content Authoring Platforms WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? Experienced pioneering engineers who have worked in leading organizations, Involving in technology areas in university campuses and technology centers, Developing agile and intelligent solutions, project-based workforce allocation and high risk awareness, Our project management methodologies, only a few of our features. Video & Education Tech Company | DIGITAL
    • 3. GOBITO PLATFORMS OVERVIEW Video Interaction , Editing , Personalisation , Gamification & Storyboarding At Your Service GOBITO PLATFORMS OVERVIEW Education Technologies Video Technologies Presentation Technologies •Akademi.net LMS •Akademi.net MOOC •Powerpoint to Html5 Conversion Technology •Scorm Support •Advanced Analytics •Interactive Video Platform •Tube Channel •Video Analytics Module •Streaming & Storage •Live streaming •Enterprise extensions •Integrations Enterprise Learning Experience Platform for mobile & social , micro learning SlideSharing & Content Authoring Platform with awesome Analytics.
    • 4. Slide29 Our Brands 4 #1 POWERPOINT TO HTML5-SCORM CONVERSION TECHNOLOGY Convert, Share And Trace Your Wow PowerPoint Presentations Into Html5,scorm All Animations, Transitions, Triggers And Multimedia Formats Supported On All Devices VIDEO INTERACTION , EDITING , PERSONALISATION , GAMIFICATION & STORYBOARDING AT YOUR SERVICE You Can Easily And Quickly Convert Your Videos Into Interactive, Gamified , Personalized Videos With The Web-based Interactive Video & Storyboarding Tool. MOOC PORTAL Akademi.Net provides realistic courses for and adapted to business life. CLOUD BASED LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Akademi.net Learning Experience Platform, Cloud Based, Mobile, Easy To Use Enterprise Learning Solutions
    • 5. Slide30 5 Solutions Learning Experience Video & Interaction Solutions R&D Custom Development Video Production & Storyboarding Drag & Drop Interactive Video Platform Live & On Demand Streaming Awesome Video Analytics Computer Vision , Video AI & Deep Learning Hybrid (Local Caching) CDN , Custom Video Portals ,VCM Solutions Enterprise Integrations APIS Video Monetization Mobile , Social , Micro Learning Platforms LMS , Learning Portals , MOOCS Video & Animation Interaction Design Gamify Your Videos & Learning Materials PowerPoint Presentations to HTML5 , SCORM , Digital Courses Slide Sharing Platform & API’s
    • 6. Akademi.net LMS Akademi.net LMS Akademi.net LMS provides easily management in-class trainings, e-learning and virtual classroom events with the learning journey, social and gamification support from single point, mobile friendly. Akademi.net is a modular, flexible and powerful learning management system that works completely cloud based. Also, it includes Gobito Virtual Class- room product. By comparison local and global competitors, it has a more competent technical infrastructure and provides simple, straightforward and effective/enjoyable use as a result of UX/UI researches and as a plus, SCORM standards are supported globally. EDUCATION TECHNOLOGIES
    • 7. AKADEMI.NET LMSUser Screens AKADEMI.NET LMS User Screens
    • 8. AKADEMI.NET LMSAdmin Screens AKADEMI.NET LMS Admin Screens
    • 9. Akademi.net MOOC Akademi.net provides realistic courses that are adapted to business life. Besides, it becomes a platform where people can make contact with companies with a career path ap- propriate for their abilities. EDUCATION TECHNOLOGIES Akademi.net MOOC Akademi.net, where the trainings of precious experts from each other are taking place, is a platform that backs up per- sonal and professional development as time independent and non-spatial. From personal and professional development to information technologies, we offer a wide range of courses for you.
    • 10. Slide8 EDUCATION TECHNOLOGIES Gobito Scorm Player was developed as SCORM 2004 (2nd, 3rd, 4th editions), XAPI and LRS (Learning Record Store) compatible. It also allows analysis of learner tracking results based on desired criteria with a detailed assessment. SCORM Engine SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is a set of technical standards for e-learning software products. Gobito Scorm Player is a software module that provides you to easily and swiftly integrate full SCORM functionality into your new or existing learning management system. Gobito developed its own SCORM Engine product as a result of engineering studies, and provides LMS to use this engine to achieve SCORM compliance. SCORM ENGINE SCORM SCORM SCORM
    • 11. Slide9 VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES Cinema8 is a solution family that focuses on solving all video technologies needs of the enterprises and individuals.
    • 12. Slide10 VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES Modules Streaming Interactive Video Platform Video Stories & Simulation Enterprise Video Tube Advanced Analytics Hybrid CDN Live Streaming
    • 13. Interactive Video Platform VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES Interactive Video Platform By interactive video platform, •Easily create interactive videos, •Deliver to target group, •Share on social media, •Publish on LMS, •Work on single video files as multiple layers comfortably, •Export as a SCORM package and upload it to your Learning Management System, •Easily report of your interactive videos in detailed with Analytics Module. Cinema8 – Interactive Video Platform, which has no a local competitor, has much more flexible and interactive infrustructor than its global counter- parts.
    • 14. iVideo Interactions iVideo Interactions • • • • • • • • • • Adding Multi Track HTML Placing Animated Text Image and Gif Dynamic Image Drawing with The Support of HTML5 Canvas and WebGL Video Audio Scene Selection Free Text Question Single Select Question • • • • • • • • • • Multi Select Question Fill in The Blank Question Chapter Double Click for Publishers Actions (Pause, Play, Jump, Rewind, Visible, Invisible) Lower Third Clickable Area Introduction Form Subtitle Multi-Action Interactions Upload your video into the cinema8 interactive video platform, come true these interactions, that are written below, on the video timeline: VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES
    • 15. Cinema8 Stories Cinema8 Stories VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES Storyboard, basically is a tool that refers your goal and supplies you to make the plan of your fiction. Cinema8 Storyboard provides you to connect your scenes and questions. So, it is a must while defining the steps of your interactive video.
    • 16. Cinema8 Interactive Video Screen Cinema8 Interactive Video Screen
    • 17. Cinema8 Tube Channel VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES Cinema8 Tube Channel By Cinema8 Tube Channel; • • • • • • Offer the videos that your institution publishes as a Tube view, Create playlists, Classify the videos such as Most Viewed and Recently Added, Use the Like/Unlike/Voting features. Users are able to log in with their password, access the videos and playlists that they can view with authorization, It can work with all systems as integrated by Single-Sign-On. Cinema8 Enterprise Tube Screens
    • 18. Video Analytics Module VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES Video Analytics Module Cinema8 – Video Analytics Module provides; Heat Maps, Usage Reports, Completion Analysis, Device Based Reports, • • • • • Operating System Based Usage Reports and allows you to easily manage all the process for your all videos from single point.
    • 19. Video Streaming & Storage VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES Video Streaming & Storage For your all videos; • • • • Storing, Publication, Transmitting to user mass uneventfully. You can also come true the management of all related processes with FexCDN that is in the cooperation with globally known Akamai. In the cooperation with Akamai, with our enhanced Video Streaming & Storage solutions;
    • 20. Live Streaming VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES Live Streaming With the awesome Live Video Streaming capabilities of Cinema8; •You can start your Live Video Sharing with 2 basic steps in seconds: •Create your live session link with Streamx •Use the link with broadcasting app & device Here you are ready for your live video streaming. •You can own your live and stored videos with the full control. •Streamx uses AKAMAI CDN (content delivery network). •This allows your videos to be streamed fast to a global audience, irrespective of your viewer’s geographic location.
    • 21. At A Glance Cinema8 Hybrid Video Architecture At A Glance Cinema8 Hybrid Video Architecture Gobito developed Hybrid Video Architecture especially for multiple firms that has internet limit. Without additional software investments, it is possible to manage videos as both cloud and local from single point. Local Caching Server, is a smart, manageable caching system that can be developed in conjunction with Media Streaming Platform infrastructure.
    • 22. At A Glance Cinema8 Hybrid Video Architecture At A Glance Cinema8 Hybrid Video Architecture Sample Script: One of in-house videos, Safe Drive Training video should be watched by personnel, but this is not first priority. •System admin arranges this video in the way that will be delivered to the branches. •This activation is defined as demand-based or automatically. •Videos in the system are delivered to the branches in defined time interval. •On the sidelines of this delivery, cinema8 provides you flexibility at Bandwith management, too. •This configuration at the moment of download hinders video sending to the branches. •While the video is immediately delivered to a user who is from any other network except inhouse, in the case of a personnel at a branch want to watch by using local network, the personnel receives “This video is not ready at this moment for local use. You can watch it in the following work day.” message. •In your corporate network, you can define bandwith for video streaming and also define both all system bandwith and if you want to specify according to branch. •Cinema8 Local Caching Server enables all videos management with remote access. •Cached video can be deleted or re-downloaded by the way of remote access.
    • 23. Cinema8 Hybrid Video Architecture Features Cinema8 Hybrid Video Architecture Features
    • 24. Cinema8 Hybrid Video Architecture Topology Cinema8 Hybrid Video Architecture Topology
    • 25. Wowslides You can convert your PowerPoint presentations conjunction with its all features to HTML5 files and provide access from anywhere and any devices included mobile devices. It is also possible to present e-learning. PRESENTATION TECHNOLOGIES Wowslides
    • 26. Wowslides PRESENTATION TECHNOLOGIES You can convert your PowerPoint presentations conjunction with its all features to HTML5 files and provide access from anywhere and any devices included mobile devices. It is also possible to present e-learning. Wowslides •All animations •Timers •Effects •Table, graphic, shapes •Links, buttons •Smart objects ... Converts your PowerPoint presentation to HTML5 exactly as SCORM compatible! Organizations Using Actively: Avivasa, DeFacto, Aktif Bank Sample Course Screen Shot That Was Converted By Wowslides:
    • 27. Slide31 NEWS & AWARDS The Stevie Awards 2017 Webrazzi News 2016 Hürriyet News 2017 HrDergi 2017 Webrazzi News 2017 Fiat Global Awards 2017
    • 29. Slide27 www.gobito.com info@gobito.com MANCHESTER HQ Daresbury Science & Innovation Campus Keckwick Lane, Cheshire. WA4 4FS UK İSTANBUL OFFICE Yıldız Technical University Technopark, D2 Block Floor:1 No:108, Esenler TURKEY UK: (+44) 01925 607344 USA: (+1) 650 523 9953 TR: (+90) 212 483 74 81 SAN FRANCISCO OFFICE 316 High Street, Palo Alto, CA USA