Cinema8 Video Technologies 18112018

    Published: November 18, 2018

    The Video Engineering Platform The Best Interactive Video Technology to Make Your Viewer A Part of the Story


    Cinema8 Video Technologies 18112018

    • 1. Slide1 The Best Interative Video Technology to Make Your Viewer A Part of the Story
    • 2. Slide2 Cinema8 is an interactive video platform that allows you to create engaging video experience including gamification, e-learning, marketing and more. Cinema 8 – Interactive Video Platform has much more flexible and interactive infrastructure than its global counterparts. What is Cinema8 ? Media Library Social Media E-Learning Digital Marketing Human Resources & Recruitment Custom Content
    • 3. Slide31 Interactive video is a type of video that viewers can interact, and videos can be managed with these interactions. This feature makes interactive video a top-level attendance tool for the audiences. What is Interactive Video? Interaction Layer HTML5 Your Video Online Video Platforms
    • 4. Slide34 Use interactive video platform for cases such as gamification, e-learning, marketing, entertainment, help&support, art, e-commerce, surveys and more… Use Cases Gamification- Integrate game elements into your video by using Cinema8 interactivity tools. Create rules, add choices, feedbacks, forms, rewards, voices and more. Make your videos fun and attractive. E-learning- Interactive videos make learner active in e-learning courses. Cinema8 allows you to use enriched interactive video courses as SCORM package in an LMS. Engage your learners and get the detailed measurement from your interactive e-learning videos. Marketing- Interactive video is the new way of the marketing. Present your brand to your customers with gamified, personalized content to capture and keep the attention of the viewers. Create video surveys, interactive product catalogs and more.
    • 5. Slide35 •Upload a video to Cinema8. If you use another video platform (Youtube, Kaltura, Vimeo, Brightcove), synchronize it with Cinema8. •Produce easily interactive video using interactivity tools such as images, questions, texts, chapters, forms, selections and links. •Connect different interactive videos and create your own Storyflow. •Deliver it to target group. •Send link of the interactive video •Publish on social media •Embed website •Export to Scorm, publish to any Scorm compliant LMS •Report easily your interactive videos in detailed with Analytics Module. Basic Steps to Create Interactive Video
    • 6. Slide74 Drag and drop interactive video elements on the right panel to your video layers. Video Layers Interactive Video Elements Cinema8 Creative Studio- Video Editor
    • 7. Slide79 Embed anything on video using Html code. Add customizable texts with entrance and exit animation effects on video. Interactive Video Elements Html OK Cancel Source Code Animated Text Today’s Society Today’s Society ‘s Society
    • 8. Slide58 Add images by using image URL. Use images and gifs on your computer. Interactive Video Elements Dynamic Image Image & Gif YOUR Logo Here
    • 9. Slide59 Make custom drawings during the video. Add video on video. Interactive Video Elements Drawing Video
    • 10. Slide60 Add audio on video and make dynamic dubbing. Offer video selection group. Interactive Video Elements Audio Project Item Select the section to watch Leadership Trust Quiz
    • 11. Slide61 Ask a free text question and get detailed analytics report. Ask a single select question, let viewer to view related point of the video by their answer. Get detailed analytics report. Interactive Video Elements Free Text Question What is favorite sport? ? Submit Single Select Question What is favorite sport? ? Submit Football Basketball Tennis
    • 12. Slide62 Ask a multi select question, feedback texts and get detailed analytics report. Ask a fill in the blank question and get detailed analytics report. Interactive Video Elements Multi Select Question What is favorite sport? ? Submit Football Basketball Tennis Fill In the Blank Question My favorite sport is ? Submit football
    • 13. Slide63 Navigate between topics placed on the video timeline via a chapter menu. Synchronize DFP account and add google advertisements on video. Interactive Video Elements DFP- Google Ad This is an advertisement. Chapter
    • 14. Slide64 Create information ribbon on video. Create jump points, pause, play, speed up/down, mute, rewind the video. Interactive Video Elements Lower Third HR Manager Rosa Lux Action
    • 15. Slide65 Add clickable areas on video and link them to URLs, jump points on video. Create custom forms using various form tools, make surveys and get detailed analytics report. Interactive Video Elements Clickable Area Click here to download the document. Form Designer Name Surname E-mail Onayla * Contact us
    • 16. Slide66 Present a form to viewer includes name, e- mail and terms & conditions information etc. before viewing the video. Create custom forms using various form tools, make surveys and get detailed analytics report. Interactive Video Elements Introduction Form Name Surname E-mail START * Please fill the form to watch the video Terms and Conditions Subtitle This is the subtitle of the speaker.
    • 17. Slide30 Cinema8 also provides a solution family that focuses on solving all video technologies needs of the enterprises. Streaming & Storage Interactive Video Video Analytics Local Caching Live Streaming Enterprise Tube Storyflow Hybrid Video Architecture Enterprise Features
    • 18. Slide67 For your all videos; •Storing, publication, •Transmitting to user mass uneventfully. •You can also come true the management of all related processes with FexCDN that is in the cooperation with globally known Akamai. Our video streaming & storage solution uses the world leader Akamai CDN framework to stream your videos fast & smoothly. Enterprise Features- Streaming & Storage
    • 19. Slide73 Storyflow, basically is a tool that refers your goal and supplies you to make the plan of your fiction. Cinema8 Storyboard provides you to connect your scenes and questions. So, it is a must while defining the steps of your interactive video. Enterprise Features- Storyflow
    • 20. Slide75 Enterprise Tube module allows you to publish your videos on your own corporate channel. By Cinema8 Tube Channel, •Offer the videos that your institution publishes as a tube view, create playlists, •Classify the videos such as Most Viewed and Recently Added, •Use the Like/Unlike/Voting features. •Users are able to log in with their password, access the videos and playlists that they can view with authorization, •It can work with all systems as integrated by Single-Sign-On. •Integrate with Enterprise Systems(SAP, Oracle, AD, LDAP, Custom HR Systems) Enterprise Features- Enterprise Tube
    • 21. Slide76 Enterprise Tube Channel Views Enterprise Features- Enterprise Tube
    • 22. Slide77 Cinema8 – Video Analytics Module provides; •Heat Maps •Usage Reports, •Completion Analysis, •Device Based Reports, •Browser Based Reports, •Operating System Based Usage Reports •Interaction reports in detail •Survey results •Interest analysis It allows you to easily manage all the process for your all videos from single point. Enterprise Features- Analytics
    • 23. Slide78 Analytics Screen Views Enterprise Features- Analytics
    • 24. Slide80 With the awesome Live Video Streaming capabilities of Cinema8; •You can start your Live Video Sharing with 2 basic steps in seconds: •Create your live session link with Cinema8 •Use the link with broadcasting app & device •Here you are ready for your live video streaming. •You can own your live and stored videos with the full control. •Cinema8 uses AKAMAI CDN (content delivery network). •This allows your videos to be streamed fast to a global audience, irrespective of your viewer’s geographic location. Enterprise Features- Live Streaming
    • 25. Slide84 Gobito developed Hybrid Video Architecture especially for multiple firms that has internet limit. Without additional software investments, it is possible to manage videos as both cloud and local from single point. Local Caching Server, is a smart, manageable caching system that can be developed in conjunction with Media Streaming Platform infrastructure. Enterprise Features- Local Caching- Hybrid CDN
    • 26. Slide85 Sample of Hybrid Video Architecture: One of in-house videos, Safe Drive Training video should be watched by personnel, but this is not first priority. •System admin arranges this video in the way that will be delivered to the branches •This activation is defined as demand-based or automatically •Videos in the system are delivered to the branches in defined time interval •On the sidelines of this delivery, cinema8 provides you flexibility at Bandwith management, too •This configuration at the moment of download hinders video sending to the branches. •While the video is immediately delivered to a user who is from any other network except inhouse, in the case of a personnel at a branch want to watch by using local network, the personnel receives “This video is not ready at this moment for local use. You can watch it in the following work day.” message •In your corporate network, you can define bandwith for video streaming and also define both all system bandwith and if you want to specify according to branch •Cinema8 Local Caching Server enables all videos management with remote access •Cached video can be deleted or re-downloaded by the way of remote access Enterprise Features- Local Caching- Hybrid CDN
    • 27. Slide86 Features of Hybrid Video Architecture Enterprise Features- Local Caching- Hybrid CDN
    • 28. Slide81 GOBITO SOLUTIONS Video Production & Storyboarding Drag & Drop Interactive Video Platform Live & On Demand Streaming Awesome Video Analytics Computer Vision, Video AI & Deep Learning Hybrid (Local Caching) CDN, Custom Video Portals,VCM Solutions Enterprise Integrations APIS Video Monetization Mobile, Social, Micro Learning Platforms LMS, Learning Portals, MOOCS Video & Animation Interaction Design Gamify Your Videos & Learning Materials PowerPoint Presentations to HTML5, SCORM, Digital Courses Slide Sharing Platform & API’s Learning Experience Video & Interaction Solutions R&D Custom Development
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