Gobito Registered Email Implemetation

    Published: July 15, 2018

    Registered Mail gives you the added security of proof of posting and confirmation of delivery. This way you can be sure that delivery has been completed.


    Gobito Registered Email Implemetation

    • 1. Slide1 Gobito Registered Email Solution
    • 2. Slide2 P4SS (Platform For Security Services) is a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) complaint enterprise solution An organization can benefit from using the platform in order to protect business data and business processes against internal and external threats such as identity thefts, malware, internal attacks
    • 3. Slide3 A PKI compliant Enterprise Solution The platform is suitable for B2B, B2C, B2E, C2B, C2C,M2M services and applications The platform is suitable for internal corporates The platform is clustered and load balanced capable to handle small, medium, or large enterprises A hierarchical organizational authorization schema enables an effective management of users. It makes the platform suitable for domestic or international enterprise
    • 4. Slide28 Properties of KEPS? •Confidentiality •Non repudiation •Authorization •Integrity •Authentication •Provision of Audit trails •Management Benefits of KEPS? •Protection of business data and processes •organizational perspective •user perspective •Protection against internal, external threats, malicious attacks
    • 5. Slide29 Usage of P4SS? •Secure Mail Exchange •Secure Time Stamp Authority •Secure Certificate Authority •Secure Registration Authority •Secure Chat-short Message
    • 6. Slide30 Concept Overviews •Main Service Nodes •Business Logic Nodes •Time Stamp Authority Nodes •P4SS Maintenance Daemon •User Intranet •Admin Intranet •CA queue •CA daemon •CA
    • 7. Slide31 Stand Alone KEPS
    • 8. Slide32 On Behalf KEPS
    • 9. Slide4 Highly experienced team of professionals with extensive experience in the IT industry Associate partnerships with Sun Microsystems Partner HP Business Partner Cisco Business Partner
    • 10. Slide27 Some Of Our References
    • 11. Slide7 We work with technologies that set future IT standards and always aim forward Innovative software solutions combined with an unchallenged level of IT support
    • 12. Slide8 Effective, user-friendly and 100% secure solutions ranging from a classic information page to a highly developed e-business environment e-marketing tools to network tracking monitors
    • 13. Slide9 We provide each individual client with full support and unique software solutions and services tailored to client’s specific business requirements
    • 14. Slide10 We provide each individual client with full support and unique software solutions and services tailored to client’s specific business requirements A wide range of bespoke developments, network monitoring, management services and products Innovative ideas, interesting solutions from the world class professionals. We always think for best values for our customers
    • 15. Slide11 We take full responsibility for the planning, design, implementation, support and maintenance of all client’s IT requirements Highly experienced team with multi-decade experience in the IT industry
    • 16. Slide13 Capabilities Certification Authority (CA) Registration Authority (RA) Time Stamp Authority (TA) Secure Data Exchange System Single System (SA AS) Cluster Solution (Enterprise) File Server(s) Protected Database
    • 17. Slide14 Secure Comms High secure infrastructure for your business Exchanging data in a secure way Service provides secure channel and features for secure data exchange Business-to-Business usage Internal usage Exchange of data among Users Systems Fully compliant with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) standards
    • 18. Slide19 SERVICES Network Services Application Services Maintenance Services Managed Services
    • 19. Slide20 Network Services Customer centered approach, which focuses on your specific needs Comprehensive support and enhancement Network staging and deployment capabilities Increased protection of your company's public image and information assets Maximized efficiency and machine availability Project management experience and expertise A maximized return on capital investment
    • 20. Slide21 Application Services Uniform services which are adapted to all organizations. An expert customized service which is perfectly suited to your business' needs. Extensive solutions in Java/J2EE & .Net Platforms Web and Intranet Solutions (CMS, Web Portals ...) Client Application Solutions (Desktop Based N-Tier Solutions) Mobile Application Solutions (Mobile Client Applications)
    • 21. Slide22 Maintenance Services Proactive maintenance, manage costs Remote and on-site support, emergency call-outs Software support Automation of system maintenance & updates Network security, support & auditing Backup and alternative solutions Software license tracking Hardware management 24/7 Network monitoring & management service
    • 22. Slide23 Managed Services A way to save costs by operating more efficiently Management to all your IT costs centrally Complete flexibility Dedicated support High levels of customer service Tailored solutions
    • 23. Slide24 SUPPORT Gobito Customer Support Center team is committed to providing outstanding pre- and post-sales support for Gobito customers. Our commitment is to act as a point of contact for Gobito customers by answering all non-technical questions
    • 24. Slide26 Gobito Enterprise Solutions (UK) Daresbury Science & Innovation Campus Keckwick Lane Daresbury, Cheshire. WA4 4FS T : (+44) 01925 607344 F : (+44) 01925 607349 Gobito Enterprise Solutions (TR) Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi Davutpaşa Kampüsü Ar-ge Alanı Teknopark Faz 2 1. Blok No:8 Esenler / Istanbul T : (+90) 0212 2634580 F : (+90) 0212 2634580 www.gobito.com