Secure Data Exchange Service

    Published: July 15, 2018

    Secure Data Exchange Service (SDES)


    Secure Data Exchange Service

    • 1. Secure Data Exchange Service Secure Data Exchange Service Radovan Bruncak Gobito
    • 2. Secure Data Exchange Service (SDES) Secure Data Exchange Service (SDES) •High secure infrastructure for your business •Exchanging data in a secure way •Service provides secure channel and features for secure data exchange •Business-to-Business usage •Internal usage •Exchange of data among –Users –Systems •According to Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) standards
    • 3. Main features Main features •Establishing secure channel •Secure Data Exchange Features –Authorization –Non reputation –Authentication –Integrity •Secure Data Exchange Protocol •Access control management •Identity management •Easy integration into your infrastructure
    • 4. Main systems Main systems •Certification Authority •Registration Authority •TimeStamp Authority •Secure Data Exchange System –Single system (for small compenies) –Cluster solution (for large companies) •File Server(s) •Protected Database
    • 5. Highlight of SDES Highlight of SDES
    • 6. B2B perspective B2B perspective
    • 7. Internal use Internal use
    • 8. Admin registration, establishing secure channel Admin registration, establishing secure channel
    • 9. User registration, establishing secure channel User registration, establishing secure channel
    • 10. Data Exchange features Data Exchange features •Stream data to the authorized, and authenticated user(s) directly through the service. The service creates a bridge. •Send data to the user through the service by storing data on the server •User is authorized to send data to clients who overlaps groups •User might ask for permanent authorization from another client out of the group
    • 11. Sending data Sending data
    • 12. Versions of SDES Versions of SDES •With secure hardware protection –Hardware Secure Module –USB signing tokens •Software protection only –Credentials stored in keystore
    • 13. Extra packet on demand Extra packet on demand •Recovery plans •Consultancy service •Maintenance service