goNews January 2019

    Published: January 18, 2019

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    goNews January 2019

    • 1. JANUARY 2019
    • 2. In This Issue In This Issue •We will be at Bett Show 2019 •3rd Year with Tofaş •What’s New in Cinema8 •What’s New inWowslides •What’s New in Akademi.net JANUARY2019
    • 3. We will be exhibiting at BETT show on Excel London, UK We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at BETT 23-26 January 2019, Excel London, Stand number A51. Visit our booth to discover innovative edtech solutions such as Interactive Video experience, a new way of slide sharing and LMS. We will be exhibiting at BETT show on Excel London, UK JANUARY2019
    • 4. 3rd Year with Tofaş With Tofaş we have left behind 3 years with to many interactive videos, education, and awards. Tofaş Academy ranked 1st among 45 companies in the ATD BEST Awards. Working with Tofaş over the past 3 years has been an amazing experience for us. Thank you for being part of this story. 3rd Year with Tofaş JANUARY2019
    • 5. 360° Interactive Video Creation Workshop 23 January Wednesday at 14.00 We are doing a 360° Interactive Video Creation Workshop with Cinema8 Creative Studio in Oktostore Tophane. Don’t miss out on our activity to rediscover 360° videos with Cinema8. 360° Interactive Video Creation Workshop JANUARY2019 Click for Details
    • 6. Interactive Gameplay - Game Jam  We will design an interactive computer game at Global Game Jam Istanbul, January 25-27, at BAU Galata Campus. Follow us to rediscover the game world with interactive gameplay. Interactive Gameplay - Game Jam JANUARY2019
    • 7. What’s New in Cinema8 What’s New in Cinema8 Immersive 360-degree interactive video with Cinema8 Creative Studio Give chance to your audience to interact with your 360-degree video beyond turn the world around. Transform your audience into part of the story who live, experience, learned, touch the products to buy, and recount your story. Indulge yourself and change your perspective with a 360-degree interactive video and create your interactive journey with training that involves a physical environment, including the pilot and driver training (as well as actual piloting or driving), medical purpose, and undersea and space exploration via remote-control robots and more... JANUARY2019
    • 8. The Most Popular Wow-Presentation of Last Month The Most Popular Wow-Presentation of Last Month DC COMICS DC ULTIMATE CHARACTER GUIDE Part 1 Electronic Marketing The 10 Best Songs of 2018 JANUARY2019 View View View
    • 9. The Most Downloaded Wow-Template of Last Month The Most Downloaded Wow-Template of Last Month Use Wowslides Interactive Infographic template to transform your content into an interactive experience. Download free! JANUARY2019 View
    • 10. What’s New in Akademi.net Personal Development Plan is the process of identifying and providing people with the opportunities that allow them to develop. We transformed this process into a module. The Personal Development Plan is a module that helps employees increase their competencies and demonstrate these competencies. Attendees can see the list of training which is assigned to them, they have chosen from the catalog and their individual training at the same development plan. Attendees can freely create their own personal training plans with development type, competency and start date information. The list of development plans can be taken from both the screen and with excel. What’s New in Akademi.net JANUARY2019