15 Most Popular Offices

    Published: June 04, 2019

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    15 Most Popular Offices

    • 1. 15 Most Popular Offices 15 Most Popular Offices
    • 2. 15 Most Popular Offices 15 Most Popular Offices Companies, especially those who earn their money online, are more interested in their employees and their working environment in order to increase the productivity of their employees and to make the most of them. We have a list of the 15 most popular offices in the world for you.
    • 3. 1. Selgas Cano - Madrid, Spain 1. Selgas Cano - Madrid, Spain The architectural company in Madrid, Spain, is one of the most peaceful areas of work in the world; because half of the office is underground, and half of it is on the surface. Selgas Cano Office is located in a wooded area, designed by Iwan Baan as a spacious environment with bright and colorful details. Not only does it have fun games and beautiful dining areas, over-lighting and large empty rooms, but it creates a perfect environment for you to work in this office that gives you peace of mind.
    • 4. 2. Google - Zurich, Switzerland 2. Google - Zurich, Switzerland It's not a secret that Google is a company that has fun, fresh, tons of money and dedicated employees, but a small fraction of the secret is the enormous office where these employees work. Google happily blends business insights into its employees ' business to make them feel comfortable, giving them a lot of time and money to create a perfect working environment.
    • 5. 2. Google - Zurich, Switzerland 2. Google - Zurich, Switzerland Google offices have this rule: no one can be more than 100 meters away from the dining area, so you can find lots of kitchens everywhere, and also a cafeteria where all employees can eat three meals a day, both for free! If these are not enough for you and you are really looking for a quieter and secluded area, you can always visit the library or aquarium.
    • 6. 3. Red Bull - Soho, London 3. Red Bull - Soho, London The Red Bull office building, transformed into an office from five old breweries in SoHo, been a different and cool place because it consists of buildings that are not connected to each other or even have the same floor and height. Red Bull is not just an energy drink, these offices are made up of 100 creative young people in their 20s.
    • 7. 3. Red Bull - Soho, London 3. Red Bull - Soho, London Leaving aside the corrupt office rules, the office creates a comfortable and free environment by taking advantage of the unique features of the old buildings, for example, there are welcoming tables that turn into bars at night! The Red Bull office is the perfect workspace for young Londoners who want to be creative.
    • 8. 4. AOL Head Quarters – Palo Alto, California 4. AOL Head Quarters – Palo Alto, California AOL is no longer the same as before, with the purchase of sites such as Techcrunch and Huffington Post trying to make huge changes within themselves, and recently, they have taken great care to adapt to their headquarters. In doing so, they moved away from the old office concept and took a sample of Google and made the work environment more fun and inspiring with fresh designs. This office has everything you would expect from the major internet companies: large kitchens, colorful spaces, countless rest areas, pool tables, and game rooms, and of course important business areas.
    • 9. 5. Parlamento-Portland, Oregon 5. Parlamento-Portland, Oregon Parliament certainly knows the importance of a happy and comfortable working environment, but it has a surprising structure compared to other companies mentioned in the list. The design of this office used recycled old street signs, pizza ovens, and wood from the church. This office, which is also used in the bear coat, ends its design in a harmonious way.
    • 10. 6. DreamHost-California 6. DreamHost-California The Dreamhost office, with the same designer as AOL and Faceook, is another office that gets rid of office compartments and has bright and large areas. This kind of design may be a little overestimated, but which one of you played table tennis at work? Large glass windows provide illumination away from artificial fluorescent lights for your work, so you don't feel like a hospital environment with color touches.
    • 11. 7. Comvert - Milan, Italy 7. Comvert - Milan, Italy The Comvert building, an alternative clothing brand, can be one of the coolest buildings to accommodate an office. Looking for a new building for its headquarters, this company finds an abandoned old cinema building and decides to settle down. So how does this company, which is still empty and wide apart from all of its offices and storage spaces, fill this space? Comvert solves this problem by setting up the skateboard inside. While entertaining their employees, the structure, which also adopts them to their own brands, is a very good solution for free space.
    • 12. 8. Facebook-California 8. Facebook-California Facebook is a company that is slightly different from other companies because it asks its employees what they want at work in surveys that it creates using its own software and it creates its internal design based on incoming data. As a result, there is a platform for employees, large outdoor spaces and excellent rest areas, as well as skateboarding and DJs. So instead of connecting your iPod to the speaker, you can enhance your music capability in this modern and fun place. Considering that employees are interested in 500-750 million active users a day, it is normal to need such a fun environment.
    • 13. 9. YouTube - San Bruno, California 9. YouTube - San Bruno, California YouTube is a slightly different company because it is sold for a total of $ 1.65 trillion in 2 years, but its earnings are still much less than these figures. This did not prevent Google from building large and expensive offices that have become a brand for them. With the help of many indoor activities, gyms, dining areas, they hope that their employees will produce new ideas.
    • 14. 10. DTAC Headquarters-Bangkok 10. DTAC Headquarters-Bangkok The aim of the design is to make the company a preferred place to work by strengthening common goals and increasing creativity. DTAC offers its employees and customers the understanding of "play and learn" which is a brand motto with its library, table tennis, running track and concert spaces in the form of amphitheatre. They also have a terrace at the top of the building that overlooks Bangkok's skyline to enhance informal face-to-face relations, as well as other areas such as chat rooms, free meetings, picnic tables and dining tables.
    • 15. 11. Gummo - Amsterdam, Netherlands 11. Gummo - Amsterdam, Netherlands Persuaded Gummo to adopt the idea of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" at the moment he rented the former newspaper brand Parool's building in Amsterdam for two years. So a more economical and stylistic office emerged. The items in the office were taken from E- Bay, remained in the old office or acquired from donation institutions; the environment was painted with nature-friendly paints only in gray and white. Gummo office is one of the most ingenious offices that can be created with little budget.
    • 16. 12. Lego-Denmark 12. Lego-Denmark Colorful open plan areas, employees to communicate with each other by encouraging employees to use their imagination to the fullest. The size of the meeting rooms varies according to their intended use, and they are all bright and colorful. All of them have been designed to create a happy and comfortable business environment to enhance morale and product development, while creating an area where employees can play Lego at any time and create new ideas.
    • 17. 13. Zappos-Las Vegas, Nevada 13. Zappos-Las Vegas, Nevada If you're not American, you may not have heard of Zappos, but they're actually the world's largest online shoe store. This is exactly why the company's reputation stems from the importance they attach to customer satisfaction in their success; and therefore the new owners Amazon.com with one of the most successful sites on the internet.
    • 18. 13. Zappos-Las Vegas, Nevada 13. Zappos-Las Vegas, Nevada Unlike other companies, the business environment in Zappos consists of cubics, but each employee can design his or her own space as he or she wishes; he or she can stick labels and hang toys. This means that each compartment has its own unique air, and the environment is unique and fun. If you're on your way to Las Vegas, you can visit the Zappos office for free and find out more.
    • 19. 14. Thinkgarden - Milan, Italy 14. Thinkgarden - Milan, Italy When you work at least 50 hours a week in the indoor area, you notice that the only thing that is not in your office is nature. Thinkgarden assesses this situation and adds nature between us. The walls of offices furnished with stone-shaped mattresses, large plants, flowers, trees and unusual work desks are designed to make you feel like you're in the forest.
    • 20. 15. Corus Quay – Toronto, Canada 15. Corus Quay – Toronto, Canada One of the largest and most entertaining offices on this list is Corus Quay, which hosts Corus Entertainment with an area of 500,000 square meters. The building, which has 1100 employees and is declared the smartest building in Toronto, consists of 11 separate buildings. The open office, including many social areas, has a five-story courtyard and a TV lounge. This fully fun building is designed to contribute to the company's growth in order to increase the productivity of its employees: bright colors, large televisions, meeting desks designed as ice hockey fields.
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