Most Popular Mobile Games

    Published: February 13, 2019

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    Most Popular Mobile Games

    • 1. Pubg Mobile Most Popular Mobile Games
    • 2. Pubg Mobile PUBG MOBİLE The logic of the game is very simple. You're trying to survive in an area against 99 people. You can play as individual or team.
    • 3. CLASH OF CLANS CLASH OF CLANS The first game that comes to mind in strategy games. You set up and develop your city, you empower your army to attack other cities.
    • 4. SUBWAY SURFERS SUBWAY SURFERS When the child paints the train, the chase starts when the attendant and the dog notice. We're running as long as we can. it is quite fun and addictive.
    • 5. CANDY CURSH SAGA CANDY CRUSH SAGA Candy Crush game, at least 3 pieces of the same type of candy side by side is a game based on blasting. When you bring more than 3 candies side by side, you earn extra points.
    • 6. HEAD BALL 2 HEAD BALL 2 If you especially like football, this game is for you. You can personalize your characters as you like by getting interesting accessories.
    • 7. HAY DAY HAY DAY Farm building and business game. Hay Day is played in 122 countries. Build your own private farm, trade with your neighbors in the game, trade with your friends, and make money.
    • 8. CLASH ROYALE CLASH ROYALE It is a free strategy game first released by Supercell in 2016. The game contains most of the characters in the Clash of Clans. Strategy based card game.
    • 9. ASPHALT 8 : AIRBORNE ASPHALT 8 : AIRBORNE Asphalt 8: Airborne is a racing game released by Gameloft in 2013. iOS and Android 8 August 2013, Windows 8 was released on November 13th.