Who is Arthur Schopenhauer?

    Published: February 28, 2019

    He was a German philosopher, writer and educator who lived between the years 1788-1860.


    Who is Arthur Schopenhauer?

    • 1. SCHOPENHAUER SCHOPENHAUER Who is Arthur Schopenhauer?
    • 2. Who is Arthur Schopenhauer? Who is Arthur Schopenhauer? He was a German philosopher, writer and educator who lived between the years 1788-1860. He is known as someone who has pessimistic ideas in the history of philosophy.
    • 3. Arthur Schopenhauer's Life Arthur Schopenhauer's Life With the division of Poland, he left Danzig in 1793 with his family and settled in Hamburg. From September to December 1804, he worked as a merchant intern at Danzig, a company owned by Jacob Kabrun. In 1805, he returned to Hamburg and started an internship at a company called Jenisch. His father died in an accident on April 20, 1805, for an unknown reason.
    • 4. Arthur Schopenhauer's Life In 1807, he was transferred to a location near Weimar where he met his most important trainer, Franz Passow. He continued to expand his environment. In 1809 he started to study medicine at the University of Göttingen, but soon after he moved to philosophy.
    • 5. Schopenhauer's Works Schopenhauer's Works On "Vision and Colors", which he wrote in 1815, focusing on his own color knowledge, was published in 1816. The book was also described as a correspondence between him and Goethe. Schopenhauer's most important work "The World as Will and Representation" book was published in 1819. It is then assumed that Schopenhauer extends this work considerably.
    • 6. Schopenhauer's Works In 1820 he began teaching at the University of Berlin. In 1821 he left the university and continued his trip to Italy. Due to long-lasting health problems, he returned to Berlin in 1825 and started to work as a trainer again. After a long time, in 1836, he published his book titled ”On The Will in Nature".
    • 7. Mother's Death In 1837, Schopenhauer examined the collective writings of Immanuel Kant and supported the first book of "Critical der Reinen Vernunft". In 1838, Schopenhauer's mother passed away.
    • 8. Schopenhauer's Works In 1844, Schopenhauer published the second part of his book 'The World as Will and Representation'.
    • 9. Schopenhauer's Works The book sold a lot in an unexpected way and became famous in the last years of the author's life. In 1851, his book "Parerga and Paralipomena" was recorded.
    • 10. Death of Schopenhauer Death of Schopenhauer Tomb of Arthur Schopenhauer After September 9, 1860, Schopenhauer was exposed to lung inflammation. He died in his apartment in Frankfurt on September 21, 1860. On September 26, he was buried in the city cemetery of Frankfurt.