7 Reasons to Regularly Meditate

    Published: October 15, 2018

    Let's the learn! 7 Reasons to Regularly Meditate


    7 Reasons to Regularly Meditate

    • 1.  7 Reasons to Regularly Meditate 7 Reasons to Regularly Meditate Healthy Heart Relax Improves Sleep Smile More Stress Love Life Energy
    • 2. Sleep Better Go Back Sleep Better More Shut-Eye at Night Means Brighter Days. Sleep isn’t just relaxation for eight hours a day it’s essential to our cognitive functioning. Meditation gives you all sorts of benefits, like enhanced REM sleep and increased levels of melatonin. 7 Reasons to Regularly Meditate
    • 3. Stress Less Go Back Stress Less We now know it even reduces employee stress and burnout. A study on teachers at a school for children with severe behavioral problems who were treated to a Transcendental Meditation program had less stress, less depression, and overall lower burnout than other teachers. 7 Reasons to Regularly Meditate
    • 4. Smile More Go Back Smile More A Happy Pill, with No Side Effects Meditation helps us gain awareness of our minds, so we can see negative thoughts and say “those thoughts are not me.” Becoming less identified with our emotions and thoughts helps those thoughts lose power. 7 Reasons to Regularly Meditate
    • 5. Enhance Your Love Life Go Back Enhance Your Love Life Your partner will thank you. By learning to better recognize your own emotions, and those of others, you’ll more easily experience lasting harmony in your relationships. Maharishi International University in Iowa found that women who practiced meditation reported significantly greater marital satisfaction than those who didn’t. Those who meditated regularly saw the greatest benefits. 7 Reasons to Regularly Meditate
    • 6. Exercise Go Back 7 Reasons to Regularly Meditate Exercise Strong, healthy heart From increasing blood pressure to raising cholesterol levels, stress is linked to heart disease in many ways. So it is actually no surprise that an effective way of relieving stress also benefits your heart.
    • 7. Relax Go Back Relax Don’t Let the Little Things Get You Down. Investigators from the Benson-Henry Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital found that practicing meditation causes what is called the “relaxation response,” the opposite of the “fight-or-flight” response what happens to our bodies when we get stressed. 7 Reasons to Regularly Meditate
    • 8. Energy Go Back Energy The problem is, we tend to rely on things which provide at best, only a temporary boost. At worst, we are ingesting substances that may harm us in known and unknown ways. Indeed, meditation for increased energy might seem like a paradox. Many people become surprised to learn that meditation, the very best way to calm and focus the mind, is also a highly effective solution for increased energy. 7 Reasons to Regularly Meditate