Self Development

    Published: September 17, 2018

    You can make the difference.


    Self Development

    • 1. Self Development 1 Self Development
    • 2. Assignment  2 Assignment §Assess yourself
    • 3. Philosophy Philosophy oTrust People oEvery one is important for your success oPraise and acknowledgement of people you are working with oMotivated people always achieve miracles oEncourage Feedback/Comments/Critical oSandwich Every Criticism oOpen door policy/access to all all the time oYou are a professional 24@7 oDevelop work culture oRecognition and respect oEmphasis on end results oPositive actions and individual basis 3
    • 4. Basic Managerial Skills  Basic Managerial Skills oPhilosophy Style and Approach of Management oPlanning and Organizing oSetting Goals and Prioritize oSelf assessment oTime and stress Management oTeam work and Motivation oCoordination, Communication and Controlling oMonitoring and Evaluation oEffective Listening and Feedback oCreativity and Innovation 4
    • 5. Managerial Skills  Managerial Skills oTeamwork nFully integrating teams and teamwork into the organization’s operations, structure and mission nEmploying team for primary means for delivering operating strategy nCreating common structure and support to ensure teams functions efficiently nDeveloping team enabling tools and measurement 5
    • 6. Managerial Skills  Managerial Skills oIncreased Productivity nIncrease capital investment nIncrease innovation nDevelops learning attitude nImprove employee Motivation oImproved Quality of Work Life nAutonomy and Empowerment nRecognition and Rewards nBelonging and Affiliation nProgress and Development 6
    • 7. Managerial Skills  Managerial Skills oReadiness for Changes nOrientation and learning environment nTraining and development nParticipation nAccess to Information nAwareness of Reward and punishment nGood employee relation (Trade Union) nTwo-way Communication nFriendly environment for adapting chage 7
    • 8. Indicators of Self Management  Indicators of Self Management oPersonal Growth oProfessional Growth oMaintained Good Relationship oIncrease Wealth oGood Health oIntegrity and Dignity oSpirituality, Prosperity and Happiness oSense of Meaningful Life 8
    • 9. Group Work  Group Work What are the actions you would like to do in the next one month? Action Points? Commitments 9
    • 10. Time Management  Time Management “There is only one thing equally available to every one in this earth, is the time. Everyone has the same amount of time.” n60 minutes per hour n1,440 minutes per day n525,600 minutes per year 10
    • 11. Can we manage time?  Can we manage time? oYes! We can manage time oBeing successful doesn’t make you manage your time well o Managing your time well makes you successful. oPlan Each Day, Each Week, Each Month and Each Year oYou can always change your plan, but only once you have one! 11
    • 12. Time Management Tips  Time Management Tips oDevelop a Time Table Schedule oFollow the schedule (list to do things) oMake Time Management no.1 priority oCut television hours, Reduce chatting oUse internet Google wisely oIdentify timewasters; Telephone, Drop in visitors, meetings, paperwork, others priorities. 12
    • 13. Time Management Tips  Time Management Tips oAllocate time for; o Play,, Swimming, movies, music oMarketing, Travelling, news paper oFamily, Friends and Society and Social events, oNational and international events,, oWriting, Reading Books, Paintings, Music oSelf Reflection and Meditation 13
    • 14. Magic of Time Management  Magic of Time Management oRoof said, Aim High; it is in the top oFan said, Be Cool; always cool oThe clock said, Every Min. is precious; value time oMirror said, Reflect before act; act as plan oWindow said, See the world; you are not alone oThe calendar said, Be up to Date; Things to do oDoor said, Push hard to achieve your goals. 14
    • 15. Time Management Matrix  Time Management Matrix 15
    • 16. So……Manage your time: Get success in life  So…… Manage your time: Get success in life 16
    • 17. Self development Self development o ‘Self Knowledge is the begining of self- employment’ o Key understanding about Self Development o Identifying and understanding onself (SWPP) oDeveloping self development goals/plan oCreating and Practicing Positive attitude oUnderstanding and Achieving success oManaging yourself with time management 17
    • 18. Permanent domain of concern:   Permanent domain of concern: oBody/health oFriends/Sociability oMarriage/Relationship oFamily oWork/job/career o Education/learning/competence oMoney/investments/assets oCommunity/Country/world oEmotions/moods/kleshas oSpirituality/Ethical living 18
    • 19. Slide26 19 And…be sure You can make the difference.