Modern Home Desings

    Published: July 18, 2019

    Keep your rooms, bathroom, and kitchen in harmony with each other. Comfortable and spacious seats, wooden tables, colorful carpets, patterned accessories, landscape tables. Use plenty of granite and marble in your kitchen and bathroom. If you have a garden, combine your living space with nature with a few trees, a camellia and a small ornamental pool.


    Modern Home Desings

    • 1. Modern Home Designs Modern Home Designs
    • 2. The Tips of Creating a Beautiful Home Decor The Tips of Creating a Beautiful Home Decor Keep your rooms, bathroom and kitchen in harmony with each other. Spend the spring and winter breezes, freshness and keep your colorful home accessories in your home. Comfortable and spacious seats, wooden tables, colorful carpets, patterned accessories, landscape tables. Use plenty of granite and marble in your kitchen and bathroom. If you have a garden, combine your living space with nature with a few trees, a camellia and a small ornamental pool.
    • 3. Well-lit, White and Simple Kitchen Well-lit, white and simple kitchen Most of us don't have a direct light to the kitchen. What's more, our dinner is usually after dark. However, we need a bright environment after food preparation and cleaning. This is necessary for both hygienic reasons and safe working environment. Therefore, kitchen lighting is very important.
    • 4. Simple Lifestyle Simple lifestyle Decorated by Pinheiro Martinez Architecture, this living room is an ideal work for those who like to keep the details in details. Featuring a Scandinavian armchair, a middle table with sharp lines and a modern TV unit, this room features simple shelves with decorative objects on different walls.
    • 5. Red Wall Red wall Perhaps the most difficult color in red decoration. Good use of red color requires a good eye and a solid infrastructure for decoration. It is necessary to carefully select the other colors and patterns room in order to use the red color bravely without making room sultry and eye- weary. This photo is a good example of the correct use of red color. Smoked colored sofa, two single seats in anthracite color, graphic patterned carpet, and a modern coffee table with a glass table, retro posters hanging on the red wall.
    • 6. Modern Furniture Modern furniture Modern giant ceiling windows, fretless windows, sharp corner chairs, glass middle coffee table, and modern carpet design and modern lighting products used in this room has added new air.
    • 7. Ion Columns Ion columns Classic and modern furniture pieces are used in this decoration, the classic is quite back. Decorated by the Italian designer Sara Pizzo, this apartment has been converted into a whole with the entrance by the library. A chic and elegant living room was created with a colonial-style mirror frame and décor completed.
    • 8. Bedsteads Bedsteads The four-poster bed with high pillars at the four corners was a bed model that was only seen in aristocratic houses. These four columns can also be designed as a bed frame, which is combined with a horizontal piece that acts as a rail in some models.
    • 9. Classic and Simple Bedroom Classic and simple bedroom When it comes to classic decoration, gaudy furniture, dark colored patterned tiles, giant-sized complex patterned carpets, gold foils, silver sequins, carvings and their combination come to our minds. But it doesn't have to be so.
    • 10. Country Style Kitchen Country style kitchen Country-style white kitchens are on the rise. These kitchen units with the design features of the Provence region of France have a line that can be over-fashioned.
    • 11. Lake kitchen Units Lake kitchen units The lacquer polishes are used frequently in kitchen units due to the brightness of the interior. Lacquered units, which are a nice option for kitchens with modern designs, have dozens of color options. Thanks to the developing technology, lacquered kitchen units which are not deformed as easily as ever and do not even leave fingerprints are a nice option for our homes.
    • 12. Blue Color in Bedroom Blue color in bedroom The feeling that the blue color creates in man is calmness and peace as many of us know. The color of the sky is blue, and it is a very suitable color for bedroom decoration because we spend eight hours of our time on the average. Our sleep also affects the rest of our day. The bedroom, which has a color scale in blue tones, is one-to-one with the peace and serenity we need.
    • 13. Use Cute Colors Use cute colors The color you prefer to beautify your home is of great importance. Whether it is gray tones or obvious forms of yellow, making these choices are the choices that will take your home to another level. Especially preferring cute colors will give you a great advantage of home decoration.
    • 14. Think Geometric Think geometric Drawing borders with shapes can be a good point. They are shapes such as frames, circles, rectangles that will help you with home decoration. Placing the right geometric shapes in certain parts of the house can help you have the place you dreamed of.
    • 15. Color your floors and ceilings Color your floors and ceilings The floor and ceiling of the house should be designed in the same color. Such a tradition is not necessary. You can bring your ceilings in a harmonious color to the walls of your home, and you can also paint the epoxy paint on your ceilings. Various colors of epoxy paint in your home will facilitate a different layer of air.
    • 16. Use your curtains differently Use your curtains differently Curtains affect both the outward appearance of your home and the perception you look at from the inside. If there is a stylish curtain, you will be able to capture the beauty and perfection of the house. For this reason, you should definitely pay attention to the curtain issue about the ideas of home decoration and choose the right curtain to make your home beautiful.