Unusual Houses in The World

    Published: June 28, 2019

    "Unusual Houses in The World"


    Unusual Houses in The World

    • 1. Unusual Houses in The World Unusual Houses in The World
    • 2. Futuro / Sweeden House designed by Matti Suuronen in the form of a spaceship. Since it is a fabrication design, you can find this apartment concept in many parts of the world. Futuro / Sweeden
    • 3. Casa do Penedo Casa do Penedo This house, Casa do Penedo, built between huge rocks on top of a mountain in Fafe, Portugal. Considered one of the strangest houses in the world.
    • 4. Mechanic Hobbit House/Czech Republic Bohumil Lhota, the owner, and architect of this unique house is a 73-year-old builder from the Czech Republic. The mechanical hobbit house, which won the ecological life design award, is in the Czech Republic. Mechanic Hobbit House/Czech Republic
    • 5. The Mirror House / Italy Located in the Bolzano area of Italy, this extraordinary house features a cubic design surrounded by mirrors. The Mirror House / Italy
    • 6. Bubble House Bubble House Cannes, House in bubble shape in France. Pierre Cardin’s bubble house is the perfect home to inspire his avant- garde work. Bubble House
    • 7. Heliodome / France It has a great design that prioritizes energy efficiency and comfort. The house, which has the most ideal heat conditions during summer and winter, is open to visitors. Heliodome / France
    • 8. Cube House Rotterdam Cube House Rotterdam, Cube houses in the Netherlands. Cube House Rotterdam
    • 9. House on a Rock Bajina Basta House built on the rock in Serbia. House on a Rock Bajina Basta
    • 10. Haines Shoe House Hellam Haines Shoe House Hellam, Shoe- shaped house in the USA. Haines Shoe House Hellam
    • 11. Fallingwater Pittsburgh This house, known as the Waterfall House is one of the famous residences in the United States. Fallingwater Pittsburgh
    • 12. Strawberry House  Strawberry House Tokyo, Strawberry house in Japan. Strawberry House
    • 13. Upside Down House  Upside Down House Niagara Falls, Reverse house in Canada. Upside Down House
    • 14. Airplane House  Airplane House Lake Whittington. Plane house in the US. Fashioned from an old Boeing 727, the airplane house is the creation of Benoit resident Jo Ann Ussery. Airplane House
    • 15. N55 Walking House  Walking house is a mobile and modular dwelling system created by the danish architecture studio N55. N55 Walking House
    • 16. Gold Pyramid House  Gold Pyramid House Wadsworth, Pyramid house in the US. Gold Pyramid House