Work and Travel

    Published: May 30, 2018

    America's dreams


    Work and Travel

    • 2. America’s Dream America’s Dream 2 For Student USA
    • 3. Cultural Exchange Program Cultural Exchange Program 3 “ The Work and Travel program is a student cultural exchange program under the control of the American government that enables college students from different parts of the world to learn about different cultures “
    • 4. First Decide ! First Decide ! 4 What do you want to do ?
    • 5. What Needs To Be Done ? What Needs To Be Done ? 5
    • 6. Slide46 6 Get in contact with some overseas education consultancy company. Than ;
    • 7. FIRST STEP FIRST STEP 7 Company examines your level of English. →This will be your first quiz.
    • 8. SECOND STEP SECOND STEP 8 Your second quiz , they will make with video. You can think ,like making a cv with video.
    • 9. THIRD STEP THIRD STEP Required Documents 9 Identity Card photocopy Student Certificate 5X5 Size Photo Note documents ‘transcript’ Passport Photocopy
    • 10. FOURTH STEP FOURTH STEP 10 → After that you will quiz with America employer. Your consultant will provide you with sample interview questions in preparation for interviews with employers. → The important; Your working time program and company program must match. Don’t forget , Employers like smile face. → Work placements for Work and Travel participants are completed.
    • 11. Slide53 11 FIFTH STEP vVisa Application vEarly visa application will increase your chances. vDo not make you feel like you will not come back vDont be excited and always smile
    • 12. SIXTH STEP SIXTH STEP Journey and Preparation to America Once you have confirmed your visa at this stage, you will receive your pre-booked flight ticket. You will travel on the date on your flight ticket. 12
    • 13. Steps Steps 13 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 STEP 4 STEP 5 STEP 6 STEP
    • 14. Slide56 14 Select travel time most ! Because there is a lot of place to travel.
    • 15. Slide31 15 Preparation Phase Do not take too stuff suitcase. Because ; you will shop a lot of. Check the weather forecast for your destination.
    • 16. Slide43 16 Have a good work and trip !