Flower Care

    Published: January 24, 2020

    One of the important factors in the care of flowers is Heat and Light. Another important factor is watering.


    Flower Care

    • 1. Flowers Care Flowers Care
    • 2. Flowers Care Flowers Care One of the important factors in the care of flowers is Heat and Light. Less light fades leaves and flowers and halts the development of the flower. Excess light causes the flower to lose its vitality and leaves its leaves burning. Another important factor is watering: How often you will water it depends on the type of flower you will grow.
    • 3. How can we prevent the disease of flowers? How can we prevent the disease of flowers? A disease in one of the leaves is removed by pruning that leaf. Other pests, such as pests and spiders, can be removed by cold weather or vapors. Irrigation with warm water in the shower removes the excess salt from the soil and ensures the removal of harmful creatures.
    • 4. Choose your flower Orchid Flower Care Bonsai Tree Care Terrarium Care Difenbahya Care Choose your flower
    • 5. Orchid Flower Care Orchid Flower Care •Orchids love light places. They do not like to be exposed to direct sunlight. A light place should be chosen without exposing the orchid to direct sunlight. •The need for light is necessary not only for the stem and leaves of the orchid but also for its roots. So, a transparent flower pot should be used. •Another issue to be considered in the care of orchids is irrigation. Watering orchids every day is not a very healthy approach. Orchid root does not like to be moist, so watering twice a week will be enough. Irrigation should be done by spraying. Other Options
    • 6. Bonsai Tree Care Bonsai Tree Care •Bonsai is a sensitive plant. •When watering, it should control soil moisture and give water as needed. •Irrigation can be done once in 3 days. •While watering your bonsai, slow and care should be taken, and the soil should be sucked during watering. •An area where it can stay light at certain times of the day and dark at certain times should be preferred. •Bonsai soil change is done every 2-3 years. Other Options
    • 7. Terrarium Care Terrarium Care •Homogeneous and direct sunlight is ideal for most terrariums. •Especially closed terrariums hold a lot of heat. It is important to keep the terrariums away from direct sunlight, such as heating tops, windows. •Irrigation is not required unless the terrariums see a drying plant. Irrigation should be, may vary depending on the type of plant. In general, it is recommended to make irrigation close to losing soil moisture. Other Options
    • 8. Difenbahya Care Difenbahya Care •It is an ornamental plant that is simple to grow in our homes, offices. •Difenbahya is one of the plants that do not want to get direct sunlight. The form of its leaves may deteriorate if it comes into direct sunlight. •Yellowed or rotten leaves should be pruned with scissors at certain times of the year. •While watering, the water should be poured to reach every part of the plant. Due to the temperature in the summer, it will be enough to water two or three times a week and in the winter once a week. •Another important factor is to keep the temperature below 12 degrees in winter. Other Options