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    Bill Gates' Futurity Forecasts in 1999

    Published: May 23, 2019

    In 1999, Bill Gates wrote a book entitled Business at the Speed of Thought. In the book, 15 valiant that seemed very pitiless at the time maked the prediction. But, it turned out that Gates' predictions were realised. Some of the forecasts Gates made about 20 years ago.


    Bill Gates' Futurity Forecasts in 1999

    • 1. Bill Gates’ Futurity Forecasts in 1999 Bill Gates' Futurity Forecasts in 1999
    • 2. İntro In 1999, Bill Gates wrote a book entitled Business at the Speed of Thought. In the book, 15 valiant that seemed very pitiless at the time maked the prediction.
    • 3. İntro But, it turned out that Gates' predictions were realised. Some of the forecasts Gates made about 20 years ago.
    • 4. Price Comparison Sites Gates' Predictions: Easy Automatic price comparison services will be developed and people will find the cheapest product for all industries and see prices on many websites. Price Comparison Sites
    • 5. Price Comparison Sites Now We See: You can easily search for a product on Google and get different prices. Sites like Kiwi, Kayak, and Expedia help people find the cheapest price for a flight, while sites like Cimri, Akakçe help you find anything at a bargain price. Price Comparison Sites
    • 6. Mobile Devices Gates' Predictions: People will always carry small devices that stay in touch and enable them to do electronic work wherever they are. Mobile Devices
    • 7. Mobile Devices Gates' Predictions: They will be able to control the news, see the flights they have booked, get information from the financial markets and do almost anything on these devices. Mobile Devices
    • 8. Mobile Devices Now We See: Smartphones, smartwatches, speakers like Amazon Eco and even Microsoft HoloLens offer a way for users to always have all the information in their hands. Mobile Devices
    • 9. Instant Payments And Online Financing Gates’ Predictions: People will pay their bills over the Internet, check their financial status and communicate with their doctors. Instant Payments And Online Financing
    • 10. Instant Payments And Online Financing Now We See: The technology was unable to change health service. However, sites like ZocDoc aim to make it easier to find a doctor and make an appointment. Also, big HMOs like Kaiser Permanente now offer medical advice via video chat via the smartphone. Instant Payments And Online Financing
    • 11. Instant Payments And Online Financing Now We See: In addition, you can now borrow online from sites like the Lending Club and pay easily through sites or applications such as PayPal, Venmo. Instant Payments And Online Financing
    • 12. Personal Assistants Gates’ Predictions: Personal assistants will be developed. These assistants will be able to connect, synchronize and exchange data on all devices in the home or office. Personal Assistants
    • 13. Personal Assistants Gates’ Predictions: By checking your email or notifications, the device will provide you with the information you need. Allows you to automatically set what you do by informing all the devices you use for buying and planning. Personal Assistants
    • 14. Personal Assistants Now We See: Virtual voice assistants like Google Now and Amazon Alexa are moving in this direction. Provides a personal way to obtain information by asking only by voice. Personal Assistants
    • 15. Personal Assistants Now We See: Meanwhile, smart devices like Nest's flagship thermostat collect data about your daily routines and automatically adjust the temperature of your home. Personal Assistants
    • 16. Online Home Watching Gates’ Predictions: Continuous video broadcasts about your home will become widespread and will inform you when someone is visiting while you are away. Online Home Watching
    • 17. Online Home Watching Now We See: Companies such as Canary, Amazon's Ring, Netgear, and Google's cousin Nest, produce cameras from your phone that let you watch your home and sender warning alarm when a person is displayed. Increasingly used. Online Home Watching
    • 18. Social Media Gates’ Predictions: Especial websites for friends and family will be prevalent, these sites allow you to conversation and plan for events. Social Media
    • 19. Social Media Now We See: Custom websites are very not popular. But many other applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Slack; it offers people an easy way to communicate with groups of different sizes. Social Media
    • 20. Automatic Promotions And Offers Gates’ Predictions: It will offer discounts, offers and cheaper prices for everything you want to attend. Now We See: Travel sites like Expedia and Skiing provide opportunities based on the user's past purchase data. Google and Facebook may offer promotional ads based on the user's location and interests. Automatic Promotions And Offers
    • 21. Online Sports Discussion Sites Gates’ Predictions: By watching a sports event on TV, you can take part in a competition where you can discuss what is happening in the various services and who can win. Online Sports Discussion Sites
    • 22. Online Sports Discussion Sites Now We See: Facebook and Twitter are places where sports fans can discuss the big matches. These two social networks also attracted attention to publishing professional sports games directly from their sites. Facebook is publishing some MLB games; Twitter, NFL, and MLS matches. Online Sports Discussion Sites
    • 23. Smart Ad Gates' Predictions: Devices will have smart ads. They know your buying trends and show ads tailored to your preferences. Smart Ad
    • 24. Smart Ad Now We See: Using cookies, marketers collect data about you. Just look at the ads you see on Facebook or Google; The online advertising industry is theoretically based on the ability of these services to target personalized ads for your demographics and interests. Smart Ad