Published: January 04, 2019

    Newton influenced many scientists with his work. The ideas that Newton has added to science still benefit today.



    • 1. ISAAC NEWTON ISAAC NEWTON 1643 - 1727
    • 2. Isaac Newton Isaac Newton Newton influenced many scientists with his work. The ideas that Newton has added to science still benefit today.
    • 3. Isaac Newton's Life Isaac Newton's Life Isaac Newton was born on January 4, 1643, in England. His father died before he was born.
    • 4. Isaac Newton's Life Newton's uncle, William, was the first to discover Newton's intelligence. Newton entered Trinity College in Cambridge in 1661.
    • 5. Isaac Newton's Life Newton found the analytical geometry of Rene Descartes. Newton had found two of the three laws that were known under his own name before attending Cambridge University.
    • 6. Isaac Newton's Life During his education years he took algebra, geometry and trigonometry courses. He had the opportunity to reach the works of Galileo and Kepler and was impressed by these works.
    • 7. Isaac Newton's Life Cambridge was shut down due to the plague epidemic that began in London in 1665 and Newton remained on the farm in Woolsthorpe until March 1667.
    • 8. Farm Periods Farm Periods He continued to work on the farm and laid the foundations of differential and integral calculations. Holding sunlight in a prism in a dark room, he realized that white light was not a unit in itself.
    • 9. Professor of Mathematics Professor of Mathematics After the university opened in 1667, Newton returned to Cambridge. Two years after his return, he became a professor of mathematics.
    • 10. Principia Principia He wrote Naturalis Principia Mathematica, one of the most important scientific studies. The work was published in Latin. The book describes the proofs made by universal weight and geometry.
    • 11. The Years And Death in London The Years And Death in London In 1696, Newton was offered to the Royal Mint Office and Newton accepted it. Then he moved to London. In 1703 he was appointed the head of the Royal Society and remained in office until his death. He was knighted in 1705.
    • 12. The Years And Death in London Newton died on 31 March 1727 and was buried in Westminister Abbey. Grave of Newton in Westminister Abbey
    • 13. Main Works Main Works •Movement laws •Gravitation Act •Hydromechanical law •Newtonian fluid •Newton's Rings •Emission theory •Newton's telescope •Calculus -Binom series •Newton's method • Newton-Cotes formula •Interpolation formula