Introduction to Mobile Application Development

    Published: November 13, 2018

    Introduction Importance of Apps Mobile apps platform share Development choices


    Introduction to Mobile Application Development

    • 1. Introduction to Mobile Application Development Introduction to Mobile Application Development
    • 2. Outline •Introduction •Importance of Apps •Mobile apps platform share •Development choices Outline
    • 3. Mobile Apps Mobile Apps Radio Computer Email Word processor Music player Fax Apps for everything – Health, Entertainment, Productivity, Sales, Learning etc
    • 4. Why mobile apps are important •Smartphones are everywhere always with user •Manifoldness of possibilities •Proximity to customers •Unmatched user-experience •Better visibility Why mobile apps are important
    • 5. Some stats Some stats
    • 6. Some stats Some stats
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    • 10. Mobile Apps : Business Perspective •Reaching to more users ▫ Growing number of smartphones ▫ Increasing affordability of smartphones ▫ Increasing mobile internet speed and quality •Catching users in more engaging way •Better sales conversion rate •Better collection of user’s contextual data •Ease of use : Better productivity •Around 70 per cent of rural users access the internet from their mobile handsets Mobile Apps : Business Perspective
    • 11. Mobile Apps : User Perspective •Ease of use •One device works for everything ▫ Health ▫ Shopping ▫ Communication ▫ Entertainment •Low cost •Longer battery life •Relatively much easier learning curve Mobile Apps : User Perspective
    • 12. Mobile Apps : Developer Perspective •Multiple platforms •Different screen sizes •Screen density •User interaction •Limited hardware resources •Sensors •Integration with Phone Functions Mobile Apps : Developer Perspective
    • 13. Mobile Apps : Platform Share Mobile Apps : Platform Share
    • 14. Mobile Apps : Platform Share Mobile Apps : Platform Share
    • 15. Native, Web or Hybrid ? Native, Web or Hybrid ?
    • 16. Native Apps Native Apps •Binary executable files on the device. •Can access all API’s made available by OS vendor. •SDK’s are platform-specific. •Each mobile OS comes with its own unique tools and GUI toolkit.
    • 17. Native Apps Native Apps
    • 18. Cross Platform Apps •Cross Compilation •Hybrid •Mobile Web Cross Platform Apps
    • 19. Cross Compilation •Separates build environment from target environment. •Platform-independent API using a mainstream programming language like JavaScript, Ruby or Java. •The cross-compiler then transforms the code into platform-specific native apps. •The software artifact generated can be deployed and executed natively on the device. ADVANTAGES: •Improved performance and User Experience. •Full access to functionalities of underlying mobile OS and device specific capabilities. DISADVANTAGES: •Highly complex as cross-compilers are difficult to program. •Need to be kept consistent with fragmented mobile platforms and operating systems available. Cross Compilation
    • 20. Mobile Web Mobile Web •Use standard web technologies such as HTML 5, CSS 3 & JavaScript. •Increasing popularity of HTML 5 in rendering engines such as WebKit. •Runs on a standalone mobile web browser. ADVANTAGES: •Multiplatform support. •Low development cost. •Leverage existing knowledge. DISADVANTAGES: •Limited access to OS API’s.
    • 21. Hybrid Hybrid •Combines native development with web technology. •The web app runs inside a thin wrapper native app. •The wrapper native app uses the OS API’s to create an embedded HTML rendering engine which provides a bridge between the browser and device API’s. •The communication between web app and native app normally happens over JavaScript via custom built API’s. ADVANTAGES: •Flexibility of web apps combined with feature richness of native apps. •Simplified deployment and immediate availability. •Leverage existing knowledge. DISADVANTAGES: •Poorer user experience as compared to native apps. •Access to advanced device capabilities normally restricted.
    • 22. Cross Platform Apps Cross Platform Apps
    • 23. Mobile App vs Mobile Web Mobile App vs Mobile Web
    • 24. Cross Platform Frameworks Cross Platform Frameworks
    • 25. Migration path from Web/Desktop to Mobile Migration path from Web/Desktop to Mobile
    • 26. Thanks