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    Published: October 04, 2018



    Search Engines

    • 2. Choreme CHROME Google is an unavoidable thing for any business house in 2018 since Google stands far ahead of any other search engine in terms of unique monthly visitors. Its estimated unique monthly visitors are 1,600,000,000. What proves Google to be the giant search engine is if you add the visitors or searches other search engines receive in total, you will find the number far behind than that of Google.
    • 3. 5 SECRETS FEATURES OF GOOGLE CHROME 01 02 03 04 05 5 SECRETS FEATURES OF GOOGLE CHROME The Power To Pin Did you know that you can pin frequently used tabs by right- clicking on a tab, and hitting the pin tab? Re-Open Tabs Reopen closed tab" or press Control-Shift-T and Chrome will reopen any recently closed tabs. Tabs Using Key Commands If you need to read something quickly on another tab, hold down the Control key and press numbers Translate Anything First, install the official Google Translate extension. You can then highlight any unknown text and click the small icon. Quick Calculator just type in a simple math problem instead of a URL, but don't press enter. The answer will appear in the drop-down below the omnibox.
    • 4. WHY IS GOOGLE SO POPULAR WHY IS GOOGLE SO POPULAR Google is the most widely used search engine on the internet today. It receives over 3 billion online searches on a daily basis. It was created in 1997 by American computer scientists Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Since its founding, Google has made many advancements in the search engine field.
    • 5. WHY IS GOOGLE SO POPULAR WHY IS GOOGLE SO POPULAR Today, many users believe that Google is the quickest and most reliable search engine for many reasons. A study done in 2012 showed that 69.5% of users’ searches were done using Google, with Bing coming in second place at 25%. Google is also the main search engine used on mobile devices and tablets.
    • 6. MOST POPULAR SEARCH ENGINES MOST POPULAR SEARCH ENGINES Ask.com ASK is based on a question/answer format where most questions are answered by other users or are in the form of polls.
    • 7. MOST POPULAR SEARCH ENGINES MOST POPULAR SEARCH ENGINES AOL.com According to netmarketshare, the old-time famous AOL is still in the top 10 search engines with a market share that is close to 0.04%.
    • 8. AMOST POPULAR SEARCH ENGINES MOST POPULAR SEARCH ENGINES BAIDU.com Baidu was founded in 2000. Its market share is increasing steadily and according to Wikipedia, Baidu is serving billion of search queries per month.
    • 9. MOST POPULAR SEARCH ENGINES MOST POPULAR SEARCH ENGINES Bing Bing is Microsoft’s attempt to challenge Google in the area of search, but despite their efforts they still didn't work
    • 10. MOST POPULAR SEARCH ENGINES MOST POPULAR SEARCH ENGINES Yahoo Since October 2011 Yahoo search is powered by Bing. Yahoo is still the most popular email provider and according to reports holds the fourth place in search.
    • 11. AMOST POPULAR SEARCH ENGINES MOST POPULAR SEARCH ENGINES Yandex According to Alexa, Yandex.ru is among the 30 most popular websites on the Internet with a ranking position of 4 in Russian.
    • 12. HOW SEARCH WORKS HOW SEARCH WORKS Search engines are complex computer programs. Before they even allow you to type a query and search the web, they have to do a lot of preparation work so that when you click “Search”, you are presented with a set of precise and quality results that answer your question or query. What does the ‘preparation work’ includes? Two main stages. The first stage is the process of discovering the information and the second stage is organizing the information so that it can be used later for search purposes.
    • 13. HOW SEARCH WORKS Crawling Search engines have a number of computer programs called web crawlers (thus the word Crawling), that are responsible for finding information that is publicly available on the Internet. To simplify a complicated process, it’s enough for you to know that the job of these software crawlers (also known as search engine spiders), is to scan the Internet and find the servers (also known as web servers) hosting websites. They visit each website and by using different techniques, they try to find out how many pages they have, whether it is text content, images, videos or any other format (CSS, HTML, javascript, etc). When visiting a website, besides taking note of the number of pages they also follow any links (either pointing to pages within the site or to external websites), and thus they discover more and more pages. HOW SEARCH WORKS
    • 14. HOW SEARCH WORKS HOW SEARCH WORKS INDEXING Crawling alone is not enough to build a search engine. Information identified by the crawlers needs to be organized, sorted and stored so that it can be processed by the search engine algorithms before made available to the end user. This process is called Indexing. Search engines don’t store all the information found on a page in their index but they keep things like: when it was created/updated, title and description of the page, type of content, associated keywords, incoming and outgoing links and a lot of other parameters that are needed by their algorithms. Google likes to describe their index like the back of a book (a really big book).
    • 15. How the find? How to find how many pages of your website are included in the Google index? Open Google and use the site operator followed by your domain name. For example site:reliablesoft.net. You will find out how many pages related to the particular domain are included in the Google Index.
    • 16. How the find? How to find how many pages of your website are included in the Google index? The second way is to create a free Google Search Console account and look at the Index Status report. Second Way
    • 17. Internet users in the world and total number of web sites INTERNET USERS IN THE WORLD AND TOTAL NUMBER OF WEB SITES
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